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060 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

Anyone who is anyone in the online business space right now is moving towards launching a podcast. It is fast becoming the best way to educate, inspire and connect with...
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059 4 Tips to Recording Your Podcast in the Best Sounding Environment

The chief thing about good quality podcast recording is the environment that you're recording in, not the microphone or fancy equipment. Make sure that your background environment is as noise-free...
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058 All You Need To Know When Choosing Your Podcast Intro Music

Your podcast’s intro and outro are essentially the sound signature that listeners will quickly associate with its brand. The intro provides the next impression people have of your show beyond...
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057 6 Tips to Designing Great Podcast Artwork

First impressions count. Your podcast artwork will be the first encounter people have with your show. A professional-looking appearance is fundamental. Looking as though you’ve knocked something together will do...
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056 Common Objections to Podcasting

I hear some common objections from people considering starting a podcast. Let’s address those excuses now. In doing so, I hope that when you encounter overwhelm around creating your show...
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055 The Pros and Cons of Different Podcast Show Formats

The beauty of podcasting is that there are no hard and fast rules. In principle, you can create your podcast any way you want. In practice, it is worth considering...
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