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Podcast Launch & Production

A great podcast is more than excellent quality audio.

We provide a premium level consultancy and a full professional production & design service to catapult your new show into the charts.

We help you to amplify your message to make a change in the world.

If you want to host a podcast that positions you as an authority, establishes your brand and generates leads, this is the service for you.

Podcast Booking Boutique

Our bespoke podcast guest matching service for high level entrepreneurs, CEO's, authors and thought leaders helps you reach the right ears for your message.

We're focused on helping you build relationships with top influencers in your market to enable you to elevate your status and attract more clients.

If you are ready to amplify your message, increase leads and have more impact, find out more about applying for inclusion on our exclusive podcast roster of high calibre podcast guests.

20+ years award-winning audio experience

100% Apple Chart-ranking show success for our clients

We have helped 160+ chart-topping podcasts since 2020

We are host the of a top 1% Global show - we know what works

Let us make successful podcasting simple for you

All you need to do is press record and let us take care of the rest!

Reaching a global audience has never been more achievable but you need to:

 - Know how to launch

 - Create great quality audio

- Understand how to get results in the podcast space

If you want a podcast that gives you industry kudos, grows your audience and accelerates referrals, it's time to launch your podcast with impact.

Is this You?

You want to reach more ears with your important, valuable message to allow you to have more impact

You want to position yourself powerfully with a successful podcast that puts you and your work on the map

You are ready to claim your spot as the go-to expert at what you do and know a great podcast will be a valuable asset

You want to generate more leads, referrals, recommendations and connections through creating great content that is respected

Anna Parker-Naples

Ready to podcast?

Our team at The Podcast Agency have helped over 160+ podcasters launch successful shows either through The Podcast Agency, or our DIY training inside The Podcast Membership since 2020. We know what works and what doesn't.

Our CEO is bestselling author of 'Podcast with Impact', host of top 1% global podcast and judge for the British Podcast Awards.

If you are serious about getting results in terms of impact, influence and income, the time is NOW to launch your podcast.

We often have a waiting list to launch a podcast with us, so don't delay - get in touch today.

Our Services

Podcasting is one of the most effective and fastest ways to attract an audience, generate leads and build authority. As a podcast host or guest we know what it takes for you to create high quality audio and engaging marketing assets that leverage this unique & intimate medium to attain global reach.

Launch Package

A podcast launch is a unique opportunity to catapult your show into the charts. We consult with you on every aspect you need to be successful. We provide professional audio production, set-up, artwork and design, marketing assets and launch week support.

Production Package

Our professional team can handle everything from simple editing, mixing and mastering of your show to full show management, SEO, Shownotes, asset creation for social media and podcast distribution to Apple, Spotify, Google and many other platforms.

Booking Package

Appearing as a guest on the right shows is an effective long term marketing strategy. We carefully research and introduce you to the top podcast influencers in your field, to open doors for collaboration, high level networking and to help you reach and give value to their audience.

Recent Clients

Caroline Strawson NEW Podcast Artwork Templates

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Podcast with Caroline Strawson

"I highly recommend The Podcast Agency. It's literally taken all the pressure away so that I can just focus on the actual podcast content. I've reached over 300k downloads in under 6 months. The support from Anna and her team have blown me away."

Nic Redman

The Voice Coach Podcast with Nic Redman

"Anna and the team have been the accountability and support I needed to make my podcast happen. I’ve been able to create a fabulous resource for my clients and distill my knowledge into digestible chucks which has helped me reach a wider audience. It’s proving invaluable for my business."

Update 2

  The Legacy Creation Podcast with Lisa Wynn

"The experience with Anna and her brilliant team was incredible – the technical, strategic and emotional support was beyond my expectations.
In one week we reached 30 countries, 5 continents, a No 1 spot. This a project that has  deep and broad implications for my profile and my business."

Our team have helped launch these chart-topping shows