031 Why You Want Your Podcast Found On Alexa

So first of all, let’s understand that smart speaker use is growing at an exponential rate and it’s only going to grow even more. A recent report by Edison Research and NPR, showcases the ubiquity of voice technology in the U.S. They found that 62% of Americans 18+ use a voice assistant on any device, including smart speakers, smartphones, in-car systems and more. Likewise, 57% of voice command users use voice commands daily in 2022. These statistics only bode well for usage in the UK. It is going to be something so streamlined in our lives, so you need to make sure that your podcast is not only found on Alexa, but easy to find and request.

3 Steps to Getting Your Podcast on Alexa

1. Check if you can find your podcast on Alexa already

At this point I want you to ask Alexa to play your podcast and see what happens. If it doesn’t, you need to go behind the scenes and check out why.

Amazon has said that their sales of Echo devices have more than tripled since last year.

2. Check if you can find your podcast as a flash briefing?

This is not something that automatically comes with your Alexa. A flash briefing can be used on a daily basis which Alexa is set up to broadcast. If you have a show that is short, you might want to make sure that you have not only got your podcast available as a flash briefing, but that you are educating your audience to use flash briefings as well. To discover and enable flash briefing skills, go to the flash briefing section under settings in the Alexa app, or by searching for ‘flash briefing’ in the skills section of the app. 

3. Make sure your podcast is connected to Amazon and Audible

As a podcast creator, you want your show to be available on as many platforms as possible. That way, you can reach the largest audience possible and grow your fanbase. Amazon and Audible are two major podcast platforms that you should definitely consider when distributing your show. To do so, type in Amazon Music Podcasts in Google, you will then find the link to then apply. If you’re accepted, which not everybody is, your podcast will then be in Amazon which gives you greater SEO opportunity and in Audible.

As technology develops and this interactive technology, voice driven technology just spreads and grows, you’re going to want to make sure that your podcast isn’t left behind.

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