032 Why You Need Quality Headphones?

Headphones are an important part of podcasting. Many entrepreneurs don’t realise how crucial this step is. It drives me mad when I see people who have recorded podcasts and have not used any decent headphones. Yes, it is a personal choice. Sometimes it comes down to a style choice, particularly if people are live broadcasting their podcast episodes at the same time as recording the audio. I know many that are concerned that their headphones don’t make them look as good or flatten their hair. However, I really want to make you aware of why I think recording your episodes with headphones on is a really smart idea to improve your podcast.

3 Reasons Why You Need Quality Headphones

  1. Have an awareness of what is going on around you

When you’re using a quality microphone, whether that is a USB microphone or an XLR microphone, that microphone is a powerful piece of equipment. It is able to pick up so many noises around you and, when you have headphones on, you are able to tell what is being picked up by that microphone that you may not want to be picked up. For example, if you are recording in your home, there is every chance that your microphone might be picking up the rubbish truck streets away. It might be picking up a train that has gone by somewhere in your town or your village. You wouldn’t know any of this, if you didn’t have headphones on!

2. Reduce the amount of editing time

If you record your podcast using quality headphones, you will drastically reduce your time in editing and producing your episode. We have all been there at the beginning, where the editing takes longer than the actual episode itself. You might find your guests’ noisy dog is in fact in the audio and now you are having to try your best to edit it out. If you ensure you wear headphones, all this can be noticed during recording and so reduce the editing time after.

3. Highlights your microphone technique

Without headphones on, you won’t realise whether your own audio is peaking or distorting unless you are actually watching the waveform (if you were recording in Audacity/GarageBand/Adobe Audition). So this is when you’ve effectively spoken too close to the microphone or too loud for it to be able to take a clean recording of it. If you were to look at the waveform on an audio software, you would see that the lines have gone way outside of your normal reach. Often on a piece of software, you have a display bar that will show you when your audio is green or when it’s yellow and you’ve got a little bit too high in the way that you’re speaking. Then there is a red section, where you are beginning to peak and distort, sometimes what can happen is that your voice can become too loud. All of a sudden those lines effectively hit the top and bottom simultaneously of the waveform area and you can’t edit those things out. Having headphones on will allow you to adjust your position when talking into the microphone.

My headphone recommendations

Audio Technica: These are super comfortable, light-weight and not too bulky. They start from around £45.

Beyerdynamic: These are slightly more expensive, hard-wearing, durable and robust.

Remember, it is not all about what you look like. I would recommend you choose a pair that are reliable, comfortable and of a high quality.

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