Welcome to The Podcast Agency

Welcome to the blog for The Podcast Agency. This is where you can find out about us, our work and more crucially, the rapidly evolving and developing world of podcasting. Our plan to is share with you tips, tricks and inside know how on how to get this unique and exciting medium to work for you and your brand.

Important updates in podcasting

There is no denying that podcasts are a powerful platform, and at The Podcast Agency we want to support you in learning and understanding what it takes to utilise audio to get your message out into the world.

We’re big believers that podcasts can change lives. One person, hearing the right message, said in the right way, at exactly the right time that they need it, can have their life transformed by listening to a quality podcast.

The podcast space has a plethora of fast-paced developments, and it can be challenging for both new and established podcasters to keep abreast of changes. After all, the focus should always be on creating compelling recordings that motivate, entertain, education and inspire.

How to start your own podcast

If you want to start your own show, we can help you by removing all of the tech fears and worries. We provide full production and consultancy in The Podcast Agency, and comprehensive DIY trainings on how to start, grow and monetize a podcast inside The Podcast Membership®

How to be a great podcast guest

If you aren’t quite ready to host your own show, and want to dip your toe in the water, we can support you to learn how to be a great guest on other people’s podcasts. From how to set up your audio, how to pitch and secure podcast appearances, and how to follow up and promote, we have you covered with our DIY training or for high calibre entrepreneurs, find out about our bespoke Podcast Booking Boutique service.