Triple Threat Authority™️

How would it feel to achieve ALL of the following in 2022?

No.1 Ranking Podcast

 You want a Top Charting Global Podcast that catapults your personal brand and elevates your status. We have a proven record as the industry leaders for making that happen for experts across the world.

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No. 1 Bestselling Book

You want to write and publish a bestseller that showcases your expertise... and you don't have time to sit and write it. We consult with you to create your book from your podcast, and publish on Amazon.

Amazon Bestseller 1

No.1 Bestselling Audiobook

You want to feature on Audible as THE audiobook to listen to, with an audio performance & quality production that makes you proud. We make this a reality for you, with world class expertise, multi award winning expertise.

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This Premium Opportunity is Totally Unique ...

You know that publishing a book showcasing your expertise will elevate your status and increase your revenue, but you haven't got the time or inclination to sit and write it.... 

Then let us help! 

We are THE leaders in successful global podcast launch and production,

and our high level consultancy makes all the difference.

We realised we can take this one step further.

Working with our team of copywriters, we can turn your podcast AND YOUR WORDS into a finished book & publish it on Amazon.

And we don't stop there!

Our Executive Producer Anna Parker-Naples is a Hollywood multi award winning audiobook producer, so we will work with you to create a premium quality audiobook that positions you powerfully.

Audio is one of the biggest growing medias out there and if you have a podcast or you are thinking of creating one, then you have a book!  

Find out how we can support you with our Triple Threat Authority™️ package.

What's in it for you?



You will create powerful, status enhancing premium level audio and written content that allows you to dominate your industry as an undisputed authority.

We know potential clients take experts with books more seriously.

We all realise that podcasts are undeniably paving the way for strong personal brands.

We see that audiobooks are a fast growing preferred platform for education and gaining trust.

We enable you to become a Triple Threat Authority™️ in your space...and fast!

This sounds too good to be true...

Writing a bestseller without having to sit for hours to write it?

And it still be all your own words?

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?!

It's exactly how Anna created her two bestsellers 'Get Visible' and 'Podcast with Impact'.

Map out the structure, understand the content, say the words out loud (for your top ranking podcast) and then let us repurpose, polish and publish!

We'll help you get your book out into the world without the fuss. You'll have complete control over the finished product. This will just help you get your book idea to market more quickly... leaving you to focus on income generating parts of your business.

We have assembled an incredibly talented team of world leading podcast producers, designers, ghostwriters, copywriters, voice directors and audiobook engineers to bring this package together.

Our proven consultancy and production skills have catapulted countless leading entrepreneurs & coaches in the online space into the audio arena, and now we're accelerating your brand growth even further.

How 'Triple Threat Authority' works...



Before we dive in to creating your world class content, we get clarity on the purpose, drive and intentions behind your business message.

This is the element of our consultancy that our 7 figure clients tell us is a game-changer for their business simplicity. We don't just help you create content - we help you create EXCELLENT brand positioning amplification.



We are the celebrated leaders in the field of podcasting for entrepreneurs.  We strategise how to create a podcast that positions your powerfully and brings in quality leads.  We take care of the production and support you to launch (or relaunch) successfully, giving you the knowledge and insights to reach the top charts on Apple & Spotify.

You'll have a leading industry podcast and a shot at the no.1 chart position (90% of our clients achieve this).

This is where the magic begins...



Now that you have delivered your expertise in a compelling and concise way in your podcast content, we work with you transform those assets into your book.

Working with an experienced team of copywriters and ghostwriters, and then formatters and cover designers, we turn your spoken words into a written format you are rightfully proud of, and support you to self-publish them on Amazon & Waterstones.

We'll guide you on the most effective ways to launch your book to attain the no.1 bestseller status legitimately.



Your book is written and you are now a BESTSELLING AUTHOR! Now comes the cherry on the cake, releasing your book on Audible, the final piece of the jigsaw.

This gives you a thrid opportunity to get eyes and ears on your work, and a chance to gain no.1 bestselling Audiobook status for your work.

Audiobooks are HUGE, and are set to explode in 2022 as Spotify goes head to head with Amazon. By producing a QUALITY audiobook, you will lead the way on this platform.



Your world class, brand elevating & lead generating content has been created and released, but our offer doesn't end there.

We will submit your work to leading award bodies in the UK and the US, to enable you the chance to have your work fully recognised and celebrated. One of the awards takes place in either New York or Hollywood annually, so you will legitimately get your moment in the spotlight on the red carpet.

You're amazing at what you do...but TIME is holding you back.

You know you're great at what you do.

And you've thought about a book for AGES.

Or a podcast.

Well actually BOTH. But where to start?

Especially when you are so busy in your business, serving your clients, growing your team, focusing on revenue.

You're preventing yourself from moving forwards with either project as you don't know where to start, and lack the time to get focused. Procrastination is killing you!

Well, don't worry, we take care of the tech, the process, the strategy, the production and the publication!

No More Excuses

You're serious about elevating your brand.

You see others accelerating in your space who started in business after you, who don't have nearly as much experience as you, yet they have their books and their popular podcasts.

You've promised yourself it is THIS YEAR that it has to happen!

Your Podcast. Your Book. Your Audiobook.

You KNOW that a book and a podcast will be great for profit, but the tasks seem too guargantuan to tackle on your own.

Don't worry though, we take care of it all for you.


Become a 'Triple Threat Authority™️'

Can you feel in the air that 2022 is a year to 'Go Big Or Go Home'?

We've seen an undeniable boom in podcasting, with hosts becoming powerful influencers, able to command more sales and more profit.

We're seeing more people enter the online space, and it's imperative to stand above the crowd with a bestselling book that shows your exceptional expertise.

And in 2022, quality audiobooks are set to dominate the stage.

We're offering you the chance to conquer all THREE platforms, giving you three separate opportunities to prove you're a powerhouse at what you do.

Put your trust in us...

When making a significant investment, you want to make sure you're certain of the credibility of the individuals and team you are working with.

Right now, there are many cheap and inexperienced imitations of the work we produce. Quality, results & experience matters. You are not playing a game with your brand. How you position yourself affects your reputation. The professionalism of what you create and produce is important.

I've been in the online space as a leading entrepreneurial figure for the past 5 years. I'm host to one of the world's top 1% of podcasts, and author of two bestsellers which support my business and bring in leads. I've won multiple national and international awards for my business and I've been invited to mastermind with Richard Branson on Necker Island.

I'm sharing with you the exact processes and expert team I have worked with to make this happen.

My background is as a multi award winning audiobook narrator and audio producer, having produced over 150 high quality audiobooks for leading publishers, and won and been a finalist for many industry awards, including in Hollywood. I was the first producer in the UK to pioneer working with Audible on their ACX platform, and I have spoken at many international audio industry events since 2013.

I'm CEO of The Podcast Agency and The Podcast Membership, and have influenced hundreds of podcasts in the business and personal development space since Jan 2020.

I've been reponsible for the launch & consultancy of every single top-charting podcast from The Podcast Agency, and have assembled an excellent team of producers and designers to support our clients. We have achieved many no.1 podcasts across the globe, more so than anyone else in the UK right now.

I've been working with an experienced team of copy editors and ghostwriters on my own books, and I have so much trust and faith in their skill, that I am bringing their insights and skillsets to you.

I am known and celebrated for my audio excellence coupled with my strategic skills. We put people 'on the map'.

I'm going all in to consult with you to work out the best way to share your message and elevate your personal brand in the most prestigious way possible.


What EXACTLY is included?

Strategic Foundations

Worth £7500
  • 1:2:1 Business Strategy Consultancy with Anna including advice on the following
  • Funnel and Lead Generation Advice
  • Brand Elevation Planning
  • Clarity of Message & Purpose Behind Work
  • Master NLP Practitioner Inclusive Coaching
  • Content Brainstorming & Desired Outcomes for Book & Audio Creation
  • Launch Timeline Planning for all 3 publications

Threat 1 - Top Charting Podcast

Worth £8385
  • Podcast Consultancy & Competitor Analysis
  • Audio Set Up Calls & Equipment Advice with Production Team
  • 10 x Podcast Episodes Edited, Mixed and Mastered
  • Podcast Artwork & Templates Designed
  • SEO Optimised Shownotes for each episode
  • Assets for each episode - Audiogram & Artwork
  • Uploaded to Podcast Hosting platform & Optimised with metatags
  • Submitted to Apple, Spotify, Google and other podcast directories
  • Show Launch Support & Chart Tracking
  • 3 months of Ongoing Production Post-Launch Period

Threat 2 - Bestselling Expert Book

Worth £12000
  • Business/Book Strategy Call with Anna
  • Book Content Mapping Calls with Highly Experienced Copy Editor/Ghostwriter
  • First Draft Manuscript created from YOUR WORDS on your podcast
  • Book Cover Artwork Professionally Designed
  • Your Input into Revised Drafts
  • Final Manuscript Professionally Copyedited & Proofed
  • Book Interior Formatting for Kindle, Paperback & Hardback
  • ISBN number
  • Submitted to Amazon & Other Distribution Platforms
  • Book Launch Advice and Chart Tracking

Threat 3 - Bestselling Audiobook

Worth £5000
  • Specialist Voice Coaching for Narration Performance with World Leading RADA Vocal Coach
  • Audio Set Up for Remote Recording with Accomplished Engineer
  • Expert Direction from Experienced Audiobook Specialist
  • Audible Book Cover Artwork Designed
  • Fully Edited, Mixed & Mastered Audio to stringent Audible standards
  • Submission to Audiobook Distribution & Hosting Platforms
  • Audiogram videos Created to use for Audiobook Promotion
  • Audiobook Launch Support & Chart Tracking
  • Launch Graphics & Launch Knowledge to attain Bestseller Status

The Red Carpets are calling...

I know, I know, this offer already sounds INCREDIBLE.

Well, we're taking it one step further.

We are so confident of the quality of the products and content we will create together, we'll be submitting your work for some seriously impressive awards.

Every fancied seeing yourself on the red carpets?

Well, Anna made a name for herself in London, Hollywood & New York for her audio work, and we'll be opening up the potential for you to be celebrated and recognised as a legitimate figure on the red carpets as a nominee too.

Exclusive Extras

  • I'm so assured of the exceptional quality of the work we will produce, I'm going to stake my own world class reputation on your content by entering you in the following MAJOR awards. As a nominee you will be eligible to purchase a ticket and attend these exclusive industry celebrations.
  • Submission to British Podcast Awards
  • Submission to the Business Book Awards *(UK Citizens or Resident Only)
  • Submission to Audiobook Industry Awards which take place in Hollywood or New York - your route to a legitimate place the RED CARPETS!!
12 x Monthly Instalments Full Payment

Triple Threat Authority Investment

  • Strategic Consultancy & Coaching - worth £7500
  • Top Charting Podcast - worth £8385
  • Bestselling Book - worth £12000
  • Bestselling Audiobook - worth £5000
  • Major Award Nominations - Priceless
  • TOTAL VALUE £33k +
Niyc Pidgeon
Lisa Johnson professional
Catherine Morgan
Cheryl & Donna
Sarah Cooke

Niyc Pidgeon

Postive Psychologist, Hay House Author & Top 1 % Global Podcaster

"When we launched the Unstoppable Success Podcast I knew I didn't want to do it on my own. I am so grateful for your extraordinary support and expertise. I had the entire process and production taken care of...a wingwoman through the entire process and  a cheerleader through launch week. A HUGE thank you to Anna for being such a pro at what you do and taking care of this podcast end to end for me!! Anna is SO good and literally goes above and beyond. I'll never leaver her agency now as the production is so slick and everything is handled for me."

Lisa Johnson

Leading Business Strategist & Top 0.5% Global Podcaster

"It was easy to work with Anna and her team. She is very knowledgeable and it was step by step, with all of the processes. The reason I really enjoyed working with Anna the most is that I wanted a show to chart, but to do it with integrity. Anna agreed and said you have to launch your way for your values. We got to no.1 on the first day!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommmend Anna to work with. I will continue to work with the team to produce my show to ensure it is the best it can be."

Catherine Morgan

Award Winning Financial Coach, Bestselling Author & Top 1% Global Podcaster

"I worked with Anna's team through the entire process to re-launch my podcast In Her Financial Shoes, and then to create an audiobook version of my bestselling book 'It's Not About the Money'.

She is incredible with the work she does and she will talk you through every step of the process. If you're thinking about working with Anna, don't think about it, just do it."

Cheryl Lee & Donna Elliott

Life & Mindset Coaches & Bestselling Authors

"It was fun and easy to work with Anna and her team. We learned so much about the process. So many of our clients were asking if our book was on Audible, and we were so excited to record our audiobook. We wouldn't hesitate to recommmend Anna and her production team to work with."

Sarah Cooke

Business & Marketing Mentor, Bestselling Author & Podcaster

"I came to Anna to work intensively on her VIP package and her sessions were incredible. The NLP work we did was amazing and helped me clear blocks and shift mindset. We put together a new offer which sold out in 5 days, making it my best week ever in business. A huge thank you to Anna. Anyone considering working with Anna, that mix of business, mindset support & strategy is incredible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Expert Podcasts

Expert Audiobooks

How to become a Triple Threat Authority

This high end introductory offer is strictly limited.

We are making this available to just 10 clients this year to ensure we give incredible service level and attention to details, and it is by application only.

The longer you leave it without a book of a quality that matches your work, the longer you go without having a global podcast, the longer you leave it to release an audiobook, the easier it is for your competitors to overtake you in your space.

You know you've left it too long already.

We can support you to get it done properly, and without the huge investments of the most important thing in the world -  your own time.

Don't miss out - take decisive action