021 The Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting a New Podcast

This might be an obvious statement but podcast hosting enables you to grow your business! Not just in terms of awareness of what you do and who you are as a key person of influence. If done well it can make a difference in the quality and quantity of potential clients who join your mailing list, your community, who want to work with you, become your clients, buy your services, buy your products. The all-important know, like and trust factor is crucial to effective marketing. That holy grail is much more achievable when you deliver good quality podcast content on a regular, consistent basis. I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again throughout these blogs; podcasting is powerful.

Hopefully you have read that whole paragraph with a big smile, nodding along in agreement! You might be at the point where you have mulled over it enough and decided ‘Right that’s it. I want to start a podcast’ Amazing! But first, I want to bring to your attention the MANY questions you MUST ask yourself before you throw yourself head first into the giant world of podcasting! Believe me. I have seen plenty of people who, within a few days of making that decision, have rushed buying a microphone, headphones and then suddenly thought ‘What on earth am I doing now?’. The planning stage is crucial to ensure that your podcast gets a head start in striking a chord.

Let me break this down for you.

Here are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you even think about purchasing any equipment:

Q1. What is the purpose of your podcast?

I don’t want you to create a podcast and be excited about it for the first few months, only to feel a kind of heaviness because you don’t know what to do with it from there on. I want you to see your show as being of core value to your business! An efficient, quirky way for people to come into your world, your business funnel, your email list, to buy your products, to buy your service, to create awesome jaw-dropping possibilities for you. That is the potential power of podcasting. What is it that you want your podcast to represent to you personally? It might be all about increasing your visibility, showing your authority or giving back in some way. What are you doing this podcast for in terms of your business? Is there a credibility piece for the business? Is there a brand awareness or lead generation for the business? It might be to get more search engine optimisation terms spoken out loud. This will in turn positively affect google searches, podcast directories, and your own website search rankings.

Q2. What level of quality do you want your podcast to be pitched at?

This is something you need to think about right from the word go! What level of experience and credibility are you after? Having an understanding of whether you are coming in right at the bottom, reaching for the top of the pile, or fitting in the middle, will impact lots of decisions around the level of investment. It costs money to start a podcast, but how much is up to you! Equipment and artwork are your main spenders. Knowing the level of quality you are after will decide how much money you are willing to invest. How important is the podcast going to become for your business and your brand? That decision impacts everything! 

Q3. Who is your podcast aimed at?

Be clear on your target audience. Know exactly who you want to speak to and why your content matters to them. I’m not talking about a vague demographic such as ‘Female, aged 28-45, married with kids’. That’s a pretty broad category. Be precise about who you are addressing and the issues they are encountering and you’ll get much better results. It’ll be easier for prospective listeners to know, when they come across your show title in iTunes, that it is right for them. Your title and description will speak directly to them and their immediate needs. By speaking to everyone, your material becomes generic and the power of your message becomes diluted. Every episode that goes out should have your perfect listener in mind. Think about what they need to hear, learn and want to be educated on.

Q4. How much time do you have to invest in your own podcast?

The answer to this question will inform the format of your show. The beauty of podcasting is that there are no hard and fast rules. In principle, you can create your podcast any way you want. In practice, it is worth considering the best format to share your knowledge and have conversations that matter.  There are lots of different formats to a podcast; solo, interview based, co-hosting and round table discussions. Any group format obviously takes more time to coordinate. Do you have the amount of time needed to email guests and synchronise your busy diaries? The key thing is to be consistent with your decision. You have to consider these extra commitments as to whether or not you are willing to take these on board. Are you able to clear some time in your diary to batch record? This can be a game changer in saving time, but only if you are organised with it! 

Q5. Where can I record my podcast?

You would be surprised how many people come to me with everything ready, good to go and then suddenly, when I ask this question, are stumped! Finding a quiet space which you can access regularly is essential! An environment in which you can be comfortable and free to express yourself. No window, noisy traffic, children running around in the background or trains zooming past. Any background noise will be very hard to edit out afterwards, so why not make your life easier and think about these things before you sit down with your microphone. 

Planning how to deliver your podcast is necessary as it ensures that you consider all the factors that contribute to the credibility and visibility you urge for. As you map out the path which your podcast will take, it makes it easier for you to be consistent and to release podcast episodes regularly. I often see people that have no structure or strategy and podcast comes a burden! Who wants to waste time beginning and initiating a podcast if you are not going to see it through. Generally, for most people, building a personal brand and having a podcast that can be released on a regular basis, has to be something that is going to work for you long term. Get the planning right, and your podcast will be an invaluable tool for driving sales and adding additional income streams to your business! 

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