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If you are looking for QUALITY and EXCELLENCE when it comes to producing your audio package, then look no further.

Whether for Podcasting, Audiobooks or a Sales Funnel, Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency will take care of every aspect of your needs.

From the quality audio and the impactful launch of your product to the graphics, SEO and skilled production required, we are there for you.

We're here to help you make that leap and move from the everyday to the elite!

Speak to us today to discuss which option is best for you!

A few of our services...


The Legendary Podcast Launch

This service takes your launch to the next level!

From working with you to get the best name for your podcast through to creating the SEO, meta-tags and meta-data, we make sure that every aspect of your launch is perfect!

We don't leave anything to chance!

We work with you to create a BESPOKE LAUNCH PLAN that is right for you to make sure that you gain as much traction as possible at the point of launch.  We also want to get you the greatest posibility to have continued, epic growth after your initial launch period.

Podcast Production & Consultancy Options

Our production package gives your podcast the polish it deserves.

When we produce your podcast, we don't just take care of the quality audio, but make sure every aspect of your show is covered, enabling you to focus on delivering excellent value & expertise that has your listeners eager to hear more...

Our team have been involved in 300+ podcast launches (all chart-topping so far!), from editing, mixing and mastering thousands of hours of audio, and supporting the most incredible brand-positioning launches. With us, your podcast is in safe hands for success.

The Podcast Sales Funnel

You know that podcasting is powerful, but maybe you're not quite ready to commit the time each week to creating a new episode?

You're sick of spending hours on unqualified sales calls and you want a way to avoid them?

If that is you, then the Podcast Sales Funnel is your solution!

By creating a podcast that speaks to your clients about what you do before you even hop on a call, meaning that every call you have is qualified and saves you time and money!

Want to know more?  Then check out our own Sales Funnel by clicking the link below:

What else do you need support with?

We would love to support you further in whatever area of audio that you require help with

Here are just some of the additional services that we know people struggle with:

  • Podcast Relaunch
  • Branding
  • Growth Audits
  • Audio Books
  • Recording Studio
  • Editing
  • And so much more...

If it's Audio, we're here to support you, so click below and let's have a chat.