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Our results speak for themselves

Niyc Pidgeon

Unstoppable Success hit the charts in 44 countries, reaching no.1 multiple times internationally in Entrepreneurship.

 "When we launched the Unstoppable Success Podcast I knew I didn't wnat to do it on my own.
I had the entire process and production taken care of...a wingwoman through the entire process and  a cheerleader through launch week. A HUGE thank you to Anna for being such a pro at what you do and taking care of this podcast end to end for me!!"

Lisa Johnson

Making Money Online become one of the very few female non-celebrity hosted shows to hit the coveted no.1 slot in the main UK business charts. It reached no.9 in the charts for ALL podcasts in the UK and US, and acheived no.2 in the Spotify charts.

"It was easy to work with Anna and her team. She is very knowledgeable and it was step by step, with all of the processes. The reason I really enjoyed working with Anna the most is that I wanted a show to chart, but to do it with integrity. Anna agreed and said you have to launch your way for your values. We got to no.1 on the first day!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommmend Anna to work with. I will continue to work with the team to produce my show to ensure it is the best it can be."

Hamish Knox

Hamish Knox

The Full Funnel Freedom Podcast is a top 5 global podcast after launch.  This is the first time he has done anything on this scale and it has allowed him to share in an impactful way and give his audience actionable tools that they can implement right away.

"I found the process of working with Anna and her team to be incredibly smooth and easy, Anna has a lot of great insights and really helped me clarify my thinking."  Hamish Knox

Laurie Burrows

Laurie's podcast shot to an international no.1 within 24 hours, and reached no.3 in Marketing in the UK - with over 450 new leads in just three days of launching.

Nic Redman

The Voice Coach Podcast reached no.1 in numerous categories, positioning Nic's work powerfully inside the Arts and Education space.


"Anna and the team have been the accountability and support I needed to make my podcast happen. I’ve been able to create a fab resource for my clients and distill my knowledge into digestible chucks which has helped me reach a wider audience. It’s proving invaluable for my business."

Maggie Colette

Maggie's show reached no.1 in Careers in the UK, positioning her alongside Gary Vee and Tony Robbins.

Lisa Wynn

"In one week we reached 30 countries, 5 continents, a No 1 spot, many top 5 slots and even more top 10s. We are still hitting top ten slots now – number 9 in Poland just this week!"

"For the longest time I have been asked about a podcast and I would honestly never have got around to it without Anna and her brilliant team’s help! The experience was incredible – the technical, strategic and emotional support was beyond my expectations.

Anna held my hand the whole way through whilst giving me the space for it to be all my own work.

The value is incredible too. I have increased my free Facebook group membership and had several invitations to international podcasts even before I get as far as being proactive with that. This a project that will have deep and broad implications for my profile and my business.

Honestly, anyone considering working with Anna on this, hesitate no longer!"

Claire Riley

"On Day One we hit No.1 in Careers, and no.2 in Business in the UK. I've had competitors reach out to me to say how valuable what I'm sharing is, and I've achieved results with a small audience.'

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa works with high calibre household names at a consultancy level. With our support her new show achieved a Top 10 status at launch, without a huge following or email list

Skye Barbour

Skye uses her strategic genius to help her clients scale quickly with less stress and more time to do what they love by helping them with practical and personal leadership development.

With our support, her podcast reached 6th in UK Entrepreneurship and 15th in UK Business charts, which is a fantastic launch.

Full Freedom Skye Barbour

Rebecca Lowrie

Rebecca's valuable message put her niche show inside the UK's top 5, and into many international charts on Sexuality, Health & Wellness.

 "Working with Anna and her team to get my podcast launched has been an incredible experience! I’ve felt expertly supported every step of the way. Anna combines her passion for helping people bring their brilliance to the world and her deep well of knowledge and experience. Even managed to get my very niche podcast to #5!"

Nicki James

Nicki reached #13 in the business charts and #4 in the entrepreneur charts within the first full day.  She is so pleased to have launched and given herself another platform to spread her message as far and wide as she possibly can.

 "Launching has been an absolute whirlwind, even though my clients have heard me say this before, it just feels that it has sunk in more with the Podcast"  ~ Nicki James

Karen Sutton

After a year of hosting her own podcast, Karen was looking for a relaunch, a shift in momentum to increase the show's visibility.

Karen said "I wanted to reach more people, for everyone to know the podcast was out there but I didn't know how to do that."

We were delighted she reached out to us to help relaunch her podcast. Speaking of her experience Karen said "Sometimes the universe aligns and presents you with what it is you need and I was like, yes this is a great fit."

As a result of our help, Karen reached the Top 30 in Health & Fitness and Top 15 in Mental Health within the U.K.

 "I wanted to reach more people, that was my goal for this and you have helped me achieve it in a way I could never have done."  ~ Karen Sutton

Suzy Ashworth


We were delighted to have Suzy Ashworth (international Keynote Speaker, Author & Mentor) come on board to relaunch her podcast with us back in September 2022.

With our help, Suzy reached #2 in the U.K. Business charts- sitting just below Steven Bartlett!

This show is for female entrepreneurs and conscious leaders who are ready to tap into more abundance and limitless living.

 "We charted in 19 separate charts! With our peak position at #2 in the UK business charts which just blows my mind"  ~ Suzy Ashworth

Jasmin Manke

We were overjoyed when Jasmin Manke (Forbes 30 under 30, international Speaker, and mentor) approached us to launch her podcast.

With our help, Jasmin reached #15 UK Entrepreneurship charts, Top 75 in UK Business and Top 130 in USA Entrepreneurship charts!

This is the show for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs ready to live an extraordinary life.

When talking about working with Influential Audio, Jasmin said:

"Thank you so much for your helping me set this beautiful podcast up"

"I love the whole set up, so fantastic, so phenomenal, everything felt so well organised." ~ Jasmin Manke

Michaela Reaney & Kate Temple-Brown


Michaela Reaney and Kate Temple-Brown came to us with a clear mission- to change the perception of apprenticeships in the UK.

After thinkging about starting a podcast for 18 months, Michaela and Kate took the leap and came to us to help launch their show.

As a result, their podcast reached #10 on the U.K. Business charts and got into the Top 5 in U.K. Entrepreneurship charts.


"You (Anna) gave us the structure and strategy to get to the core message of the podcast."  ~  Kate Temple- Brown 

"Taking the time to do it properly, think it through in detail meant that when we were launching we were so clear on our messaging, it fell into place quickly."  ~ Michaela Reaney 

Heather Shannon


We loved working with Heather Shannon to make her dream podcast a reality.

We saw great chart success with her show 'Ask A Sex Therapist' reaching top 235 on the USA Health & Fitness Charts. The show also reached the top 130 on the Canadia Sexuality charts and #79 on Australia sexuality chart.

The show takes you on a journey to release your sexual inhibitions and embrace your authentic sexual identity.


"It seems dumb not to go with Anna...I don't know anyone that launches as well as Anna" 

"You're whole team is so nice." ~ Heather Shannon


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