Podcast Production 

We take care of the quality audio and the impactful launch of your show, while you focus on delivering excellent value & expertise that has your listeners eager to hear more...

Our team have been involved in 160+ podcast launches (all chart-topping so far!), editing, mixing and mastering thousands of hours of audio, and supporting the most incredible brand-positioning launches. With us, your podcast is in safe hands for success.

An effective lead generating, brand positioning podcast doesn't happen by accident.

It takes knowledge, strategy, planning and preparation before you hit record.

We want to take your message to the masses, and our proven system for launching podcasts makes our clients the envy of other hosts with less-than-mediocre shows.

We provide both Launch Strategy and production packages to give your podcast the polish it deserves.

Our Production Packages


We have  4 packages to choose from to allow you to focus on delivering great content

Launch Package

£6,000 + VAT ($8,500 + VAT)

Our Launch Package puts brands and experts on a global stage, fast.

This is podcast production and consultancy of the highest level - not only does our audio team make your show sound top-notch, we specialise in creating a podcast that represents your brand and impact message powerfully.

We begin by working with you closely to align the concept of your new show with your big mission, and help you create a podcast that works for the impact you want to have in the world as well as a lead generation tool.

We research competitiors, suggest targeted topics to cover and create a bespoke launch strategy that gives you the best chance of gaining kudos building chart positions.

This is a personalised service that gives you the professional and friendly support you need as you amplify your impact.


  • Consultancy on branding concepts and business strategy for lead generation and KPI's
  • Consultancy on bespoke launch strategy
  • Full Launch Support including promoting your show to our audience
  • Design of Main Podcast Artwork to Apple Podcast specifications
  • Creation of Podcast Artwork Templates & Social Media Templates for Quotes, Audiograms, and solo and guest episodes
  • Competitor Research and Keyword optimisation
  • ID 3 Audio Tagging
  • Production of Intro and Outro - scripted and edited, with advice on licensed music
  • 10 initial episodes edited, mixed and mastered.
  • 10 x Shownotes with SEO
  • 10 x Audiograms 60 second videos
  • 10 x Quote graphics
  • 10 x Individual episode artwork
  • Microphone technique and equipment recommendations
  • Upload and scheduling to hosting platform
  • Connection to Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher
  • Launch Week Promotional Graphics

Podcast Relaunch

£3,500 + VAT ($4,850 + VAT) 

Maybe you took an unexpected break or you are pivoting your business, but whatever it is, you are looking to relaunch your podcast.

Relaunching your podcast is a great way to get new listeners to your show and we can help you build up that renewed energy to really highlight your launch!

Visibility for your show is crucial, so if you are ready to take your personal brand in a stronger, new direction, with more listeners onboard, without leaving your usual editing team, this package may be for you.

We provide you with the knowledge and tweaks that will make a huge difference to your show.

Existing/established shows only.



  • Consultancy on branding concepts and business strategy for lead generation and KPI's
  • Consultancy on bespoke launch strategy
  • Full Launch Support 
  • Artwork Design
  • Artwork Templates & Social Media Templates to Apple Podcast specifications for Quotes, Audiograms, and solo and guest episodes
  • Competitor Research and Keyword optimisation of your show
  • Intro & Outro Rebranded

With the right audio and visual branding your podcast will attract and retain the perfect listeners for your mission.

We work with you to assess your podcast's target audience and the competitors in your field. This gives us insights into an effective concept for all design aspects of your show - the intro, the outro, the fully licensed music, together with high quality artwork designs that compel your audience to tune in.

Branding - Basic

£500 + VAT


  • Advice and support in choosing suitable fully -licensed music
  • Edited, mixed and mastered intro and outro
  • Design of main podcast artwork to Apple specifications
  •  6 x launch graphics
  • Quote template
  • Audiogram template
  • Solo episode template
  • Guest episode template

Podcast Growth Audit

£800 + VAT

You've been podcasting a while, and you just want it to grow more effectively.

In our Podcast Growth Audit package, we'll listen and review your podcast, and advise on how to improve your show for better audience engagement, growth and lead generation.

You know you create good content, and you are ready to make your show great, with a few tweaks. We'll advise on next steps and immediate changes you can make to your processes.



  • Review and Feedback of current podcast - quality, message, branding
  • Consultancy on appropriate growth strategy and advice on optimising your shows potential- 60 minute session
  • Recording of call with bespoke advice to implement

If you are not ready yet for full production and consultancy, we have extensive DIY trainings on how to start, grow and monetise your podcast inside The Podcast Membership.  Why not come and join us there?