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Want to know more about having your own Podcast Sales Funnel?

We recorded this special 10 episode complete series podcast for you to learn more and decide that the Podcast Sales Funnel is right for you!

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How would you feel if every time you took a discovery call, it was someone who was already a red hot lead?

Or if your potential client was so bought in to you and your processes because they had heard you talk at length about them and KNEW they had to get onboard...with no sales call at all?

What if you could make the most of the podcasting platform and all the SEO benefits WITHOUT the regular commitment of a weekly show?

Podcasts are the most influential platform on the planet right now, and we want you to understand how to make the most of this incredible opportunity to sell to your audience.

Not only do we help you create a complete series 10-episode only podcast to showcase your premium offer, we also create a streamlined sales funnel for you, incorporating audio, DM strategy, lead generation and an email sales sequence.

We Help You Bring Your Sales Page and Email Sequence to Life!

Why should you trust us?

We have 20+ years of award-winning audio experience

100% Apple Chart-ranking show success for our clients

We have helped 300+ chart-topping podcasts since 2020

Anna is host to TWO top 1% Global shows - we know what works

Ready to supercharge your selling strategy with a Podcast Sales Funnel?

Webinars, challenges and sales emails aren't as effective as they were.

They aren't dead yet...but they need some life breathing into them.

And that's where the Podcast Sales Funnel comes in.

You already know that a podcast will take your personal brand to the next level and be income-generating to boot.   

With the Podcast Sales Funnel, we have taken the influence of audio one step further!

Let me explain... 

Audio is the fastest growing medium out there and companies are cashing in on this growth every day.  The figures speak for themselves:

68% of Podcast Listeners take action with intent to purchase after hearing about an offer on a podcast.

$2bn has been ploughed in to advertising revenue - because of the influence a host has on their listeners.

You are lucky if 3-5% of your challenge or masterclass participants reach the end and stay for your pitch, with a sales podcast, we know that listeners stay to binge 85-100% of the content. 

You also know how busy your high end clients are. They don't sign up for freebies, or sit through masterclasses. But they DO LISTEN TO PODCASTS.

These incredible stats show that more and more business owners are turning to podcasting.  It's the perfect way to get their message out to a wider audience.

This is is where we can help as THE leaders in successful global podcast launch and production, we know what works and what doesn't.

And with the Podcast Sales Funnel, you have a highly professional and content rich sales tool that will really show you as the expert you are!

Audio Influence = Sales

I'm Anna Parker-Naples, 2 x 1% global podcaster, Hollywood multi award winning audio producer and founder of Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency. We will work with you to create a premium quality podcast that positions you powerfully, as just one part of the Podcast Sales Funnel.

We'll incorporate your audio into a complete sales system, bringing in hot leads or removing the need for sales calls at all.

We make sure that your Podcast Sales Funnel reflects you and your brand, elevates your status and brings in more sales.  You are SEEN and HEARD in a way that meets your expectations and achieves your goals!

Find out how we can support you with our Podcast Sales Funnel package.

How 'Podcast Sales Funnel' works...


We Strategise Your Sales Intentions

We help you map out the elements of your Podcast Sales Funnel - the clarity of message, the specific episodes for sales conversions, the case studies to include. We integrate this with sales psychology to ensure those who listen to your sales podcast, are fully hooked in!

This is the element of our consultancy that our 6 & 7 figure+ clients tell us is a game-changer for their business simplicity. We don't just help you create content - we help you create EXCELLENT brand positioning amplification AND a clear sales system.

We ensure your show builds your brand, your funnel and your credibility.


We Prepare You To Record Great Audio

Great audio content needs two things - 1. a clear intention and message on each episode, and 2. excellent knowledge of the microphone and audio equipment set up.

We ensure that before you begin recording your episodes, we are 100% happy with the quality of your audio, and that you are totally clear with what you need to share with your audience, and why.  We give the exact format to follow to tackle sales objections and to showcase your case studies and testimonials.

Our reputation is staked on the quality of your epsiodes, and with a multi award winning Hollywood audio background, we take this seriously.


We Produce Your Podcast

We are the celebrated leaders in the field of podcasting for entrepreneurs.  We strategise how to create a podcast that positions your powerfully and converts hot leads to sales.  We take care of the production and support you to launch successfully, giving you the knowledge and insights to reach the top charts on Apple & Spotify AS WELL AS having an effective sales system.

You'll have a leading industry podcast and a shot at the top-10 chart position (95% of our clients achieve this)...IF we decide a launch is the right course of action for your Podcast Sales Funnel.


Access To Your Podcast Is Through Opt-In And Thank You Pages

Your Podcast Sales Funnel will provide you with Opt-In pages for lead generation and a thank you page for leading them to another part of your engagement eco-system. This way you can capture the leads and know who is checking out your podcast with an interest in working with you.


We Craft An Effective Sales Email Sequence From Your Podcast

From the content you deliver in your audio, we create not only valuable ShowNotes to boost your SEO and discoverability in Google and the podcast platforms, but also a 10 part email sequence to nurture your hot leads into a converted sales. Each email in the sequence will spotlight an episode on the podcast, and lead the reader back to listening, ready to feel as though they are hearing all about the program or service in an intimate, relateable way, making them more liekly to listen to ALL the details, and be compelled to sign up.


Your Podcast Is Added To Your Sales Pages & Your Dm Process

The Podcast Sales Funnel can work as a complete system on its own, However we show you how to integrate it into the rest of your selling strategies - your traditional weekly podcast, your sales pages, your challenges and your DM's. The Podcast Sales System can work to complement and strengthen your other processes, since right now we know that podcast hosts are the most influential people on the planet.

Niyc Pidgeon

Bestselling Author, Postive Psychologist (Msc) and Business Coach

"When we launched the Unstoppable Success Podcast I knew I didn't want to do it on my own. I am so grateful for your extraordinary support and expertise. I had the entire process and production taken care of...a wingwoman through the entire process and  a cheerleader through launch week. A HUGE thank you to Anna for being such a pro at what you do and taking care of this podcast end to end for me!! Anna is SO good and literally goes above and beyond. I'll never leaver her agency now as the production is so slick and everything is handled for me."

Podcast Sales Funnel Package includes

Full Price $10k/ £8.5k (Plus VAT) Payment Plans available over 3 & 6 months
  • Consultancy on Show Concepts and Business Strategy for selling
  • Format for Each Episode for Maximum Sales Psychology Impact
  • Production of Intro and Outro - scripted, edited and advice on licensed music
  • Competitor Research and SEO Keyword Optimisation
  • Microphone Technique guidance & Audio Set Up support
  • Podcast Artwork Designed to Match Your Offer's Branding
  • SEO Optimised Shownotes for each episode
  • Uploaded to Podcast Hosting platform
  • ID3 Audio Tagging for Enhanced Discoverability
  • Submitted to Apple, Spotify, Google and other podcast directories
  • 10 Episodes Edited, Mixed and Mastered
  • 10 Part Email Sequence Crafted From Your Words
  • DM Strategy Integration Guidelines
  • Opt In and Thank You Pages Created

These are just a few of the chart-topping shows we have launched

Maggie Colette

Maggie's show reached no.1 in Careers in the UK, positioning her alongside Gary Vee and Tony Robbins.

No More Excuses

If you're serious about elevating your brand, it's time to take action.

You see others accelerating in your space who started in business after you, who don't have nearly as much experience as you shooting up the charts in the podcast space.

You've promised yourself it is THIS YEAR that it has to happen!

Your Top-Ranking

Lead Generating, Sales Making

Complete Series Podcast

with a Kick-Ass

Podcast Sales Funnel

to convert like CRAZY!

We take care of everything for you so you can save time and focus on your Zone of Genius.

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Podcast Templates

Put your trust in us...

When making a significant investment, you want to make sure you're certain of the credibility of the individuals and team you are working with.

Right now, there are many cheap and inexperienced imitations of the work we produce. Quality, results & experience matters. You are not playing a game with your brand. How you position yourself affects your reputation. The professionalism of what you create and produce is important.  Basically, this is all about you and what you need!

I've been in the online space as a leading entrepreneurial figure for the past 5 years. I'm host to one of the two of the world's top 1% of podcasts, and author of two bestsellers 'Podcast with Impact' & 'Get Visible'.  I've been a judge for the British Podcast Awards twice and I've spoken at leading international audio conferences such as PodFest. I've won multiple national and international awards for my business.

My background is as a multi award winning audiobook narrator and audio producer and won or been a finalist for many industry awards, including in Hollywood.

I'm serious about making sure each one of the podcasts we support is the best it can be, as my personal reputation is riding on it!

I'm CEO of Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency and The Podcast Membership™️, and have influenced hundreds of podcasts in the business and personal development space since Jan 2020, with an estimated reach of 17.5million listeners.

I've been responsible for the launch & consultancy of every single top-charting podcast from Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency, and have assembled an excellent team of producers, designers and funnel builders to support our clients. We have achieved many no.1 podcasts across the globe, more so than anyone else in the UK right now.

I am known and celebrated for my audio excellence coupled with my strategic entrepreneurial skills.

We put people 'on the map'.

I'm going all in to consult with you to work out the best way to share your message and elevate your personal brand and bring in WAY MORE SALES in the most prestigious and intimate way possible.

Lisa Johnson

Leading Business Strategist & Top 0.5% Global Podcaster

Making Money Online become one of the very few female non-celebrity hosted shows to hit the coveted no.1 slot in the main UK business charts. It reached no.9 in the charts for ALL podcasts in the UK and US, and acheived no.2 in the Spotify charts.

"It was easy to work with Anna and her team. She is very knowledgeable and it was step by step, with all of the processes. The reason I really enjoyed working with Anna the most is that I wanted a show to chart, but to do it with integrity. Anna agreed and said you have to launch your way for your values. We got to no.1 on the first day!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommmend Anna to work with. I will continue to work with the team to produce my show to ensure it is the best it can be."

Want to know more about having your own Podcast Sales Funnel?

We recorded this special 10 episode complete series podcast for you to learn more and decide that a Podcast Sales Funnel is right for you!