Podcast Book Package

Turn Your Podcast Into a Bestselling Book!

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Get your book on these platforms (and 40+ more)

You know you want to publish a book to support your work and to elevate your brand, but

you just don't have the time.

What you do have is a podcast where you have shared all of your valuable content.

Well, we can help you to write a book without the fuss.

We use your podcast as the foundation of your bestseller

and turn it into a quality book in your own words.

How Our Podcast Book Package Works...

Turn Your Podcast Into a Bestselling Book!

Before we begin creating your book from your podcast, we'll consult with you on your business motivations and intentions to ensure your book is perfect for your ideal client.


We'll assist and advise you on creating a coherent outline of the content of your book so that it is straightforward to create podcast episodes that fit the perfect structure.


We'll transcribe your podcast content and use it as the inspiration and foundation for the basis for the initital draft of your book. We'll work out what's missing and what needs including.


Our copyeditors and ghostwriters will get to work on transforming your podcast content into a high quality, readable and articulate intitial first draft, ready for you to amend.


We work with an experienced team of formatters and designers to bring your book to a quality product you can be proud of, and submit to all the major book retailers for distribution.


We'll advise you on the best ways to launch your book to your audience to attain the coveted Amazon Bestseller status. We'll track your book's progress as it rises through the charts, and support you by sharing your book with our audience.

What's included?

Full Price Split Pay

Bestselling Expert Book Created From Your Podcast

£120006 x £2250
  • Business/Book Strategy Call with Anna
  • Book Content Mapping Calls with Highly Experienced Copy Editor/Ghostwriter
  • First Draft Manuscript created from YOUR WORDS on your podcast
  • Book Cover Artwork Professionally Designed
  • Your Input into Revised Drafts
  • Final Manuscript Professionally Copyedited & Proofed
  • Book Interior Formatted for Kindle, Paperback & Hardback
  • ISBN number
  • Submitted to Amazon & Other Distribution Platforms
  • Book Launch Advice and Amazon Bestseller Chart Tracking
  • Promo Graphics

Why choose to work with us?

We've been consulting with high level entrepreneurs, coaches and experts over the past 2 years to enable them to catapult their personal brands in the podcasting space.

Every single client has told us that this consultancy is what gives clarity to the rest of their business, and that they wished they could do this for their book too.

So we decided to make it happen.

Anna published both of her global bestselling books by creating them in audio format first, and then working with copy editors to compile her words into a readable book.

This process streamlines the entire book creation meaning that you get to focus on the income generating parts of your business, whilst we focus on transforming your words into a quality book.

This is the exact way Anna and countless other experts have created their books.

Now it's your turn!

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