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If you are here because you used to be a paid member and haven't received our email from November 2022, then we have great news for you. 

Please contact us at to get FREE ACCESS to the training!!!

If you are here because you have followed a link from Anna's books or are looking for assistance to start your podcast, unfortunately, we are no longer running the membership, but we have great news for you too, as we have plenty of DIY options that you can choose from to help you get started or grow your podcast...  Just check out the details below:

A few of our DIY options...


Podcast Kickstart

Discover how to launch a podcast that positions you powerfully, for maximum credibility, global impact and to magnetize quality clients

Podcasts are the single BEST way to explode your impact and carve out your niche and this value-packed programme will show you the exact steps to launching yours!

You will learn how to Plan, Record, Edit and Launch Your Podcast so you can raise your profile, build your credibility and get much more visible….

Get ahead of the competition, sign up for Podcast Kickstart NOW!

Podcast Profit Maker

You’re ready to start monetising your podcast.

But you’re also very aware that there are a lot of wrong ways to do that…

You want to profit from your podcast, but you don’t want to sell out.

If that all sounds a little too familiar, you’re not alone. And you’re in the right place!

In fact, solving this problem for entrepreneurs just like you is actually why I created the Podcast Profit Maker, to help you monetise your podcast in..

…the right way.

…the strategic way.

...the profitable way.

Profitable Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting is an excellent strategy to become influential and well-connected by learning how to:

  • Knowing your Topic of Influence
  • Preparation on how to be a good guest
  • Finding the right podcast and pitching your pitch!
  • Preparing for the perfect interview
  • The Perfect Guest Recording Techniques
  • Making sure you have engaging interviews
  • Establishing your expertise to create profit
  • Maximise the results of your podcast post-interview
  • Really nail the next steps to grow more visibility

Be the guest that everyone wants and make the most of podcast guesting!

Podcast Growth Accelerator

It's time to discover how to Double Your Downloads & Leverage Your Listeners to Loyal Clients!

You started your podcast with big ambitions…

But you’ve lost your mojo a little.

Now that the podcast is established, you’re not quite getting the results you hoped for, and you’re losing enthusiasm for the whole process.

You’re not sure you’re promoting your show in the best way, but you’re also not sure what else to try, or where to begin.

You just know you need some help to turn things around and reconnect with that initial, inspiring purpose.

You’re ready to create a really successful podcast!

The Podcast Growth Accelerator is going to show you precisely how to do that!