022 Key Points From The Podcast Show 2022

A few weeks ago, my team and I were delighted to attend The Podcast Show 2022, Europe’s biggest gathering of the global podcasting community. It is safe to say we were in our element. To be surrounded by so many fellow podcasting enthusiasts was inspiring, motivating and exciting. The two days flew by, one amazing conversation after another. So I wanted to share some of the key points that we took away from the show.

What do you need to know about the podcasting space?

In car listening is growing:

We attended a brilliant conversation with leading auto experts from Cariad Technology and Gracenote, showing how podcast search and discovery is influencing next generation entertainment experiences. Here is a great statistic for you; 49% of podcast listenership is happening in the car. That is a huge percentage and one that they expect will grow. Car manufacturers have recognised this and are looking at designing in car systems that will allow for a ‘lean back podcast experience’. In built car systems will show podcast categories, genres and even be able to map a podcast episode to your estimated travel time. It is exciting to see how the huge demand for podcasts are now influencing our in car technology, ultimately unifying our audio experience. What does that mean for you as a podcast host? Your podcast will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and be listened to by more and more people.

Podcasting is reaching more people than ever:

Ross Adams (CEO of Acast) shared some interesting company statistics. Spain is their biggest market in Europe in terms of podcasting listenership. Netherlands, Italy and Singapore are the countries where they have seen the biggest rise in listening. How does this compare with your own podcast? When looking at their top 100 US shows, they noted 150 different countries were downloading the episodes. They found that 70% of these 150 countries, English isn’t their primary language. Podcasting is a universal tool which, used effectively, can be vital in driving your business sales.

So why should you get into podcasting?

Allow for Freedom of Speech

This was a reoccurring feeling shared by many of the key speakers at The Podcast Show. Louis Theroux, Gary Lineker, Fearne Cotton, Simon Mayo, Annie Mac…they all said it. Look at TV and radio. As mediums, they both have time limits, automatic censoring, controlled topics of conversation. With podcasting you have the ability to talk about whatever you want. You can be your true self and be confident enough to just turn up as you. Speaking your truth will ensure the right people come to you. In a lot of cases, what made the hosts unique was often what made them so successful.

Create a meaningful connection with your audience

Being able to speak in a free, unfiltered way means that intimacy is heightened in a podcast. As listeners, we feel like we know the host . It was fascinating to hear British journalist, documentary filmmaker and former BBC newsreader, Emily Maitlis talk about why she is stepping into the podcasting world. When being in the public eye on TV, she found herself to be misunderstood, pigeon-holed, critiqued. She soon realised that podcasting is the perfect way to show her true self. This in turn, creates a meaningful and truthful connection with an audience on the most attainable platform.

Reach a wider audience

I think, what can often be overlooked, is how podcasting has the ability to bring together different generations. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo (hosts of ‘Kermode & Mayo’s Take’) found this to be one of the key reasons behind launching their podcast. It allows for continual, in-depth conversations both as the host but also for the listener. Whether that be chatting to your best friend about a recent episode or posting up on social media a specific show you love, there is this space outside of a podcast to continue the conversation. People talking about your show means you are having that reach! 

Open doors to more opportunities 

I noted down a wonderful quote by Fearne Cotton (host of the ‘Happy Place’ podcast). Podcasting allows for a “beautiful backbone to branch into new areas”. Take her podcast ‘Happy Place’. What started out as a podcast has soon expanded into best-selling books and a festival. What was the catalyst behind this? Her podcast. It allowed her to gradually gather a devoted audience and bring people from all walks of life into her circle. Once inside, she can then reach out through new areas. I myself am also proof that this works. My podcast ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’ has since led to two best-selling books and more podcasts off the back of that. We are seeing more people than other coming to us, asking how they can become involved with The Podcast Agency. More episodes, more downloads, more sales. 

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