037 How to Track Your Podcast Success

Success is relative. With your podcast, it isn’t all about massive download numbers, but much more about how you are engaging and retaining your listeners, and how useful you are making the podcast for your business. So let’s discuss how you can track your podcast success.

4 steps to tracking your podcast success

  1. Access stats and figures through your hosting platform

Depending on your podcast hosting platform, you may or may not have access to stats and figures as to how many downloads you’re getting, where those downloads are, whether they are on desktop or through a smaller podcast app such as Stitcher or Overcast or whether they are listening to Apple or Spotify. You can get all of this information (depending on your chosen price plan) with your podcast hosting platform. If you’re podcasting for business, it is so worth paying for this information as, with it, you can be much more targeted in what you put out to your audience. You can know when an episode has really taken off, or when one has flopped. This is valuable information.

2. Get an overview as to where your podcast is charting

This can be a little bit like a needle in a haystack. There’s a great site called Chartable where you can search your show, and, if it is charting anywhere in the world in any category or subcategory, it will tell you where and when it last charted. Chartable fetch charts directly from Spotify and Apple Podcasts as often as once an hour, and at least once per day, providing charts from 155 different countries for Apple Podcasts! So it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on where your show is flying.

3. Track the long-term progress of your show

I often see podcasters really track their show at launch as they seek the big, flashy numbers, but you’ve got to know what your show is doing long-term. If it is getting into the top charts, you want to be able to celebrate that with your audience because it’s a big deal! It’s harder for an ongoing show, so when those moments happen, you want to champion it.

4. Check out the competition

One of my favourite resources for going and researching other podcasts is Listen Notes. The most comprehensive podcast database online. It’s like Google, but for podcasts. You can utilise Listen Score to see the estimated popularity of a podcast compared to all other RSS-based public podcasts in the world on a scale from 0 to 100.

What we track grows, so if you are not actively looking at the numbers behind your podcast in the same way you are looking at the profit in your business, you probably aren’t going to grow. The right level of awareness is key to being able to make knowledgeable decisions.

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