023 How to Grow Your Podcast Downloads

How can you grow your podcast downloads? Well, it’s not a simple answer or a quick fix. The majority of us know we’re not promoting our podcast effectively enough. It is often not just about increasing your marketing activities but actually more fundamental than that. First, you need to understand the kinds of people who are tuning into your show, and what your role needs to be in nurturing them, engaging them and moving them on through your content. 

How to understand your podcast audience

I think that there are 3 types of people in your audience right now that you need to understand why they are tuning in:

1. The Lurker: The person who loves to hate you. There is something about your content and the way you are showing up in the world that really niggles at them. They are listening because there is something that keeps them curious and intrigued, yet not really liking you. These aren’t the people that are going to purchase from you so, to a certain extent, they don’t matter. The exception to this is when you create material, topics or have controversial episode titles that might well make them hate you even more. As a result they could talk about your podcast. So they can be useful. Your goal with the lurker is to repel them even more.

2. The Listener: These are the people who occasionally listen. Your podcast is maybe in their top 20 shows that they like to listen to. They might of listened to up to 10 episodes of yours. However, there is something that means they aren’t coming back for more. They might not feel included in your content. They are not being enticed to come back on a regular basis. Perhaps they listened to the show a few months ago and just haven’t got round to listening again.

3. The Fan: These are the gold dust of podcast listeners. When you have an army of fans, these are the people who advocate for your show. They share it willingly on their social media. They tune in without fail. These are the people you want to engage more and more! What is the secret to growing the influence and impact of your podcast I hear you ask? Simple. Growing your army of fans!

How to convert a listener to a fan

I want you to ask yourself a few questions; What is happening on your podcast that isn’t happening elsewhere? How can you have sections of your show that speak directly to the listener? Are there segments in your show that you can increase and improve? Is there a way to market your show so these segments are enticing the listener? This could require using an audiogram or teaser as to what’s coming up! 

I am asking you to look at ways within and without your show that will excite people and encourage them over to your podcast! This is where social media comes in handy. Can you create content that actually interests people, hooks them in?

Actions to grow your podcast audience

  • Start by repelling the lurkers so they know they can either talk about you or give up listening. You want your show to be supported by people who love you and are shouting your name from the rooftops.
  • Get those listeners to keep coming back for more. Create an experience where they feel very connected.
  • Continue to encourage your wonderful fans so that they feel very much included, important and apart of your community.

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