028 How to Decide on The Podcast Show Name

Let’s talk about podcast show names. Do you currently have your own podcast but not getting the results that you want? Maybe you’re not attracting the right audience? Or are you just in that conception stage of what your show is going to be all about? Either way, it is essential to get the name of your podcast spot on! So let’s start with what you should be asking yourself before you start conjuring up show names.

Three Important Questions To Ask Yourself?

1. Who is your podcast for? 

It is important to be clear on your target audience. Know exactly who you want to speak to and be precise about who you are addressing, along with the issues they are encountering.

2. What will listening to your podcast offer to your listener? 

Hopefully you should have plenty of answers for this question. I would recommend taking note of these positive listener outcomes as they can shape your show name.

3.  What is your listener actively searching for in Google or in the podcast apps themselves? 

Write down these keywords. More search engine optimisation terms spoken out loud will in turn positively affect google searches, podcast directories, and your own website search rankings.

Top Tips When Choosing A Podcast Show Name:

  • Make sure your title is keyword optimised. You want the name of your show to do exactly what it says on the tin as opposed to a quirky, controversial name. Unless you are a celebrity or an incredibly well known name, you want to make sure that whoever sees your podcasting branding, knows straight away whether it is or isn’t for them. Take my show ‘Podcasting for Entrepreneurs’ for example, from the title alone it is clear who my target audience is and what the podcast is all about!
  • Research other competitor podcasts. These are people who are also creating podcast content for your particular audience. Listen Notes is a fabulous online resource where you can search, using those important keywords, to see what other shows are out there. Take note of their show names. Are there other terms that are frequently being used? Are there any that you think are distinctly lacking? Hopefully that’s going to then whittle down your thoughts on your own show. 
  • Check the trademark is available. A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your podcast from others. I would check it for any of the main countries in which you are hoping to attract an audience. Here at The Podcast Agency, we always track the UK and the USS standard. You’re doing a general search for the name that you’re thinking of using and seeing what comes up when any of those words are incorporated into the search. Look at any similar named podcasts. Do they have a large following? Are they in the same category as your podcast? If the answer is no to the above, then this title is certainly a potential.
  •  Find out if the domain is available. A domain is the unique address of a website. It’s what you type into a web browser’s address bar to visit a website. Once you have a podcast title in mind, check to see if it has already been taken or whether you can get your hands on it. This will heavily inform your title choices.

When trying to reach a very particular demographic with your business message, you’ve got to make sure your listener understands your podcast is for them. It’s one of the most important things we, The Podcast Agency, look at when we consider whether we’re doing a rebrand or a relaunch for a client who comes in for a podcast audit. If people don’t know what they’re supposed to be listening to and what you are an expert in, how can they possibly make the decision to listen to your excellent content? They can’t! So make sure that when you’re choosing a podcast name, you do it with forethought and planning.

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