How do Apple Podcast Charts work?

The most important thing to realise is that Apple’s Podcast Charts are only measuring and tracking activity on Apple Podcasts – so if you want to hit the charts, and you are sending all of your traffic to Spotify, you’ll find it tricky!

It has historically been challening to know EXACTLY how the charts (which cross countries, categories and sub-categories) are compiled. It appears that they encompass a mix of new subscriptions, playback activity and completion rate. However, it has long been believed that ratings and reviews are also factored in.

Playback activity is a relatively new addition to chart tracking, as these metrics have only been available since July 2019 and more comprehensive data exists now that Apple have begun to roll out the new Podcast Analytics inside the Podcast for Creators Program.

How can I get my show into the Apple Podcast Charts?

Ranking in the Apple Podcast charts mainly reflects a podcast’s ability to a volume of new subscribers and listeners who playthrough their content.

It is possible to enter the charts by encouraging listeners during the launch of your show to take action to support you in a short space of time.

Whilst some podcasters don’t consider that the chart positions matter, we would argue that the more listeners you attract, the more Apple will show your podcast to other potential listeners by displaying your show in the Top Show and New Show category sections, which in turn will cause people who have never heard about you to check out your content.

What’s not to like about that? FOr many of our clients, successful podcast launches, with high ranking national and international chart positions, have catapulted their personal brands and businesses into the public arena, increasing kudos, credibility and income.

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