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You wrote your book to bring your valuable message and expertise to help people.

Now it's time to AMPLIFY your message and reach more listeners.

With the power of audio, you can expand into new markets, and increase your influence with the most preferred publishing format for non-fiction authors.

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The Explosive Growth of Audiobooks

An audiobook is a powerful addition to your content marketing tool kit

Audiobooks are no longer the little sister of book consumption. The rapid growth in listeners gives your book the potential to reach more people, and educate them with your expertise.


The highly portable, hands-free nature of audiobooks makes this format a no-brainer addition to your marketing toolbox. Listeners tune in EVERYWHERE - as they walk, run, shower, commute. Make sure your book is one they can choose.


Like books, the main drive behind having an audiobook is to position yourself as an expert and have this as a low-barrier entry point for new members into your world.

Why create an Audiobook?

 As a consultant, coach, speaker, expert or leader in your field, you’ll be well aware to the the value of publishing a book as part of your influence building and marketing strategy.

Audiobooks have rapidly become the most in demand way to consume educational and inspirational content.

It isn't enough to just have your book in-print.

The $3.5 billion audiobook industry is accelerating at an astonishing a rate - 3 times faster than any other type of publishing.

It is the consumption method of choice by many readers with too little time on their hands to sit and read.

Despite the overwhelming preference for audience, less than 20% of non-fiction authors publish their books in audio format. Those that are ahead of the curve notice considerably more book sales (and royalties) than in paperback.

Writing a book takes time, effort and energy.  Make sure you leverage your expertise even further and reap the financial and influential benefits of getting your book professional published as an audiobook

Audiobook listeners are discerning - they expect a quality experience that engages them in your work.

We help you ensure you create a quality auditory experience for your listeners that exudes professionalism and excellence.

Why are Audiobooks so popular?

The audiobook market has risen to over $1.2 billion in sales in the U.S. per year, with double digit growth every year for the last 8 years.

The major factor in the rise of audiobook sales over the last 5-6 years is accessibility. As a society, we are nearly always in motion. We have access to audio when we don’t have access to the written word or video.

And with few exceptions, we always, always have our cell phones around! People are listening BIG. The typical American reads four books a year. But audiobook listeners listen to an average of 17 books a year.

Audio also creates intimacy between the listener and the author. After all, your message is flowing directly into the listeners’ brain via their ears. You are literally becoming a voice in their head!

Who we work with

Influential Audiobooks is a non-fiction audiobook publisher. The majority of our clients in this non-fiction world are building a media platform for themselves, so their book is part of a larger marketing strategy. They’re using their books to promote their business, their bigger message, their speaking engagements, their coaching, and other aspects of their business.

Please visit our Case Studies to listen to a sampling of our audiobooks.