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Audiobook sales in the UK and the US 2019 accounted for $1.2 billion alone—the eighth consecutive year where the industry saw mammoth growth. One in five people now regularly listens to audiobooks, so they present an opportunity for you to connect with and reach new audiences.

The major factor in the rise of audiobook sales over the last 5-6 years is how easy it is to access content on the go. Audio reaches people when no other content can. 

The typical American reads four books a year. Yet audiobook listeners listen to an average of 17 books a year. This is a captive audience.

Audio creates an intimacy between the listener and the author that isn't replicated elsewhere. As an expert author, this is a powerful way to build an affinity with a prospective client.

Expert Audiobooks is a division of The Podcast Agency.  We are commited to bringing your expertise and book to life in the highest quality audio experience possible for your audience, to ensure you elevate your status as a leader in your field. We pride ourselves on excellence and have assembled a world class team of producers, proofers, vocal coaches, audio directors and engineers.

Expert Audiobooks is primarily a non-fiction audiobook publisher. Most of our clients are self published or working with hybrid publishers and are leveraging personal brand status in their media and content. They use their book as part of a wider marketing strategy. They’re using their books to promote their business, their bigger message, their speaking engagements, their coaching, and other aspects of their business.

Narrating Your Audiobook

Producing Your Audiobook

About 10,000 words equals 1 hour of audio. So if you have a 40,000 word book, your audiobook will be about 4 hours long.

Audiobook production and distribution for an average 40,000 word book (about 4 audio hours) takes about 20-25 hours of production time—for an experienced team.

Producing an audiobook is not as simple as just recording a book being read.

For the sake of calculation, keep in mind that about 10,000 words of your book equals an hour of “finished” audio.

First, there is prep. Special features that you may have in your book, like charts, captions, exercises, sidebars, calls to action, etc. need to be “translated” into audio.

Next is raw recording. People can’t just read a book from start to finish—they make mistakes, have pauses, need to take breaks, and so on. Audiobook recording sessions are no more than 2-3 hours at a time due to vocal and energy fatigue. You want your audiobook to be consistent and engaging, drawing in the listener – so your performance is paramount.

Production itself involves a detailed editing process that includes removing extraneous noises, reducing breaths and any “ah”s or “um”s, ensuring the pacing sounds right, and making sure the audio itself conforms to the stringent technical standards imposed by ACX (the Audiobook Creation eXchange, Amazon’s audiobook platform). It’s also vital to check the recording against the text of the book to look for mistakes—the spoken word version of typos.

Corrections must be made for anything missing, misspoken or otherwise incorrect, and then those corrections must be sound engineered too.

This is a deliberate process for professionals. It is a snail pace process for amateurs.

Marketing Your Audiobook Successfully

Audiobooks extend the life of your new book launch. Releasing your audiobook at the right time during your initial book release allows you to keep the momentum and excitement going.

Your audiobook content—that is, pieces of the audiobook itself—also can be used to promote your audiobook. Pieces of your audiobook can be turned into ‘audiograms,’ and/or a killer video book trailer to share on social media, through email, and on your website.

If you’re podcasting (as a host or guest) to promote your book and message, you can also use your audio content in your podcast interviews or show notes.

Just like your book, your audiobook is an evergreen marketing asset that can help you share your message with the world for years to come.

Yes! Your previously launched books can absolutely be relaunched as audiobook. This strategy gives you the ability to have an entirely new product launch (with a new income stream) without having to create ANY new content. Hallelujah!

Even better, if your previously published book wasn’t a bestseller and you want to give it another chance, releasing the audiobook version allows you to make that happen.

Audiobook Distribution and Royalties

All royalty payments are made directly to you through the platforms where your audiobooks are sold, such as Audible. Those platforms provide accounting / reporting of your audiobook sales and royalties.

Royalties paid to you vary from 25% to 40% of your audiobook purchase price, depending on the platform where the purchase is made. You can also sell your audiobook independently via your website and keep 100% of your sales.

No. Authors keep 100% of the royalties due to them and everything is paid directly to you from the audiobook sales platform.

First, there is no charge for distribution of your audiobook or any additional fees you have to pay.

Depending on whether you have an exclusive or non-exclusive sales agreement, your audiobook may also be submitted either immediately or in the future to around 40 other platforms, such as, Spotify, Apple, and it will also be made available to libraries.

Expert Audiobooks submit your audiobook to these platforms. Most authors can expect to have their book included by at least 20 platforms.