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048 5 Ways a Podcast Can Help Your Business

For many years now, podcasting has been recognised as an effective skill for networking with people, drawing them into your community and convincing them to patronise your business. When you...
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047 Successful Client Launch; Case Study with Anna Khanna

Here at Influential Audio: The Podcast Agency, a great podcast is more than excellent quality audio. We provide a premium level consultancy and a full professional production and design service to catapult...
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046 Blue Yeti – The Mistakes You Are Making

The Blue Yeti microphone is one of the most popular microphones in the online space. In this blog, I want to talk you through some of the mistakes people are...
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045 Should You Relaunch or Start a New Podcast?

One of the issues that comes up for my clients, when they come on for a podcast audit, is should they relaunch their show on the same feed and give...
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044 How to Perfect Your Podcast Show Notes

Why do you need show notes for your podcast? How can you make sure that they become a valuable asset and resource for your podcast and for your business? I'm...
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043 How to be a Better Interviewer

I think we would all agree that there has become a bit of a pattern amongst many business podcasts, that are interview focused, whereby the interviews can become pretty much...
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