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054 Five Platforms to Promote Your Podcast for Free

Podcasting is the perfect way for you to standout from the crowd. It can assist in developing your connections, community and provide you with options for and an increase in sales...
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053 Where to Find Guests For Your Podcast

Having guests on your podcast can bring with it lots of benefits. It's great for authority and for selling opportunities to your guests. It can be really effective for widening...
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052 The Hidden Return on Investment in Podcasting

In the podcasting space, you have an opportunity to meet different people who you might be interested in working with. In this blog, I will be talking about the benefits...
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051 How To Identify Your Perfect Listener

Podcasting is powerful. It offers huge opportunities to experts, authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to increase impact, influence and income for their brand. If you’ve spent time online in entrepreneurial...
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050 Successful Client Relaunch; Case Study with Karen Sutton

Here at Influential Audio: The Podcast Agency, a great podcast is more than excellent quality audio. We provide a premium level consultancy and a full professional production and design service to catapult...
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049 Is it OK to Take a Break from Your Podcast?

If you've been consistent with your podcast, lots of people will tell you that it's okay to take a break if you need it sometimes. However, there are a few...
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