Audiobook Domination Package

You've Published Your Book And Everyone's Asking If It's On Audible

Get your book on these platforms (and 40+ more)

Audiobooks are a vital piece of the brand-building puzzle.

It's a market with faster growth than music on Spotify, and yet only 17% of non-fiction authors have published a quality audiobook.

The reason? It's hard to know how to get your book created with ease.

We make releasing influential audio simple for you.

In 2022, this area is set to explode. Spotify are about to go head to head with Audible for a share of the audiobook market, and if your book isn't there, you are missing out!

If you're an audiobook lover yourself, you'll know how powerful and intimate the listening experience can be.

We want to support you to bring your book to life in the best possible way.

How 'Audiobook Domination' works...

Ensure your book reaches more ears...

Before we begin recording your book, you'll receive specialised training from some of the best 'narrator specific' vocal coaches in the world.


We'll assist and advise you on creating an ideal recording environment in your own space, or with sourcing a suitable recording studio near to you to.


We live direct your recording session to ensure you bring your book to life in the best way possible. Then we take care of the complex editing, proofing and mastering process for you.


We support you to get your audiobook into the most popular distribution platforms such as Audible & Apple so that your important message lands in front of the right audience.


We'll help you perfectly position your audiobook to have a successful launch, giving you the best chance of attaining a bestselling audiobook status


We'll discuss with you how to attain the best royalties for your book, and how to captialise from your audiobook within the rest of your business funnel

What's included?

Full Fee Split Pay (4 x Monthly)

Bestselling Audiobook Production & Launch Package

£3995£999 x 4
  • Multi Award Winning Hollywood Audiobook Executive Producer
  • Specialist Vocal Coaching for Narration Performance
  • Audio Set Up for Remote Recording with Accomplished Engineer
  • Expert Performance Direction from Experienced Audiobook Specialist
  • Audible Book Cover Artwork Designed
  • Fully Edited, Mixed & Mastered Audio to stringent Audible standards
  • Submission to Audiobook Distribution & Hosting Platforms
  • Audiobook Launch Planning & Strategy for Bestseller Status
  • Launch & Promo Graphics
  • Advice on Royalties & Funnel Inclusion for maximum profit
  • PLEASE NOTE - pricing applicable to up to 50k. Additional word count subject to additional costs.

Why choose to work with Influential Audio?

 Quite simply, we have assembled the best in the business at bringing Influential Audiobooks to life.

Anna Parker-Naples, our Executive Producer, has been involved in producing over 160 books, and our team have worked collectively on over 450 to date.

With being a finalists and winning some of the most prestigious international audiobook awards, and the tens of thousands of hours creating world class audio, we ensure that your book isn't just recorded, but is brought to life in the best way possible.

With every audiobook we create, our reputation is on the line.

We don't just record audio.

We create world-leading, influential audio that represents you and your personal brand powerfully.

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