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Our team at Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency have helped to launch 160+ podcasts into the charts.

We've supported, trained, produced and consulted with entrepreneurs, experts, CEO's. thought leaders and authors to help them catapult their brand into the spotlight through powerful and effective launches.

To date, 100% of our podcast launch clients have hit the top charts in Apple. Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency is considered to be one of the leading experts in podcasting in the UK - our CEO Anna Parker-Naples is often referred to as The Podcast Queen.

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Meet Anna Parker-Naples

Owner / CEO
I have kind of a big story, which you'll come to know more of if you follow my podcast or read my book 'Get Visible' or 'Podcast with Impact'.

After hitting rock bottom when told I may never walk again, I decided that I would become the best of the best in the audio world, and within a few years I landed myself on the red carpets in Hollywood, amongst the top of my field.

Mindset work had helped me fully recover (consumed often in the form of podcasts). I realised there was both strategy & mindset behind my achievements, and I now share everything I can to help my clients work out how to unlock their potential & position themselves strongly as the go-to expert.

I'll make no secret of this - podcasting is powerful to gain loyal customers and raving fans.

With my multi award winning Hollywood audio background, and my top 1% global podcast, I'm ideally placed to help you reach the masses with your work. Like me, you have an imporant message to share, and I want to help you get louder.

Done properly, podcasting is one of the best ways to connect, inspire and lift your listeners across the globe. 

I consider every podcast we support and produce to be capable of making an impact - a ripple effect that can change lives, one listener at a time. We throw our heart into helping you do just that.

Someone somewhere needs to hear your message - let us help you amplify your impact.

I'm author of bestseller 'Podcast with Impact', speaker at big international audio events such as Podfest and a judge for the British Podcast Awards.

Why Work With Our Team?

Our production team consists of experienced podcasters, producers and designers, with decades of knowledge and application, including producing multi award winning audio

Our global team allows us to work round the clock to produce professional grade audio, fully mixed and mastered, while you focus on your core business

We're commited to helping you create a podcast that generates leads and referrals, so that you can see a return on investment for the energy and time you give to recording your podcast

We put heart and soul into helping you create the content that will resonate and compel your listeners to want to hear more. This is way more than 'just' a first class production service.

Launch Package

A podcast launch is a unique opportunity to catapult your show into the charts. We consult with you on every aspect you need to be successful.

We provide professional audio production, set-up, artwork and design, marketing assets and launch week support. We give you the best chance of launching with impact.

Let us take care of everything, whilst you focus on running your business. We have a phenomenal track record - let us help your new show.

Podcast Sales Funnel Set Up

 Our professional team help you craft a sales funnel with a difference - an impactful one, that starts with a podcast.

We've found a way to harness the indepth connection entrepreneurs, coaches and expert authors have with their listeners and turn it into a streamlined salevs conversion process. 

Everyone's talking about Podcast Sales Funnels - because what better way to sell than to a captive audience?

Love what Anna does?

Then check out her books!  Anna is an acclaimed author and her books will give you a great insight in how to be visible and grow your podcast.

Podcast with Impact book B&W

Podcast with Impact: How to Start & Launch Your Podcast Properly

Are you looking to create a Podcast but don't know where to start? 

Do you want to grow your audience and position yourself as an expert in your field?

Podcasting is Powerful.


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Get Visible: How to Have More Impact, Influence & Income

Are you wondering why you don’t have the income or influence you want…yet? 

Do you want more impact within your industry, but don’t know how…yet?

Are you feeling that you’re meant to do more, but don’t know how to find the spotlight…yet?


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