025 6 Golden Rules To Getting a No.1 Top-Charting Podcast

One thing every entrepreneur would love, is to have their brand mentioned in places they have never imagined it could reach. This is what it feels like to be #1 at the top, to trend above all other podcasts out there. Before I tell you how to achieve this level of success, I must remind you that your podcast will not reach these heights if you do not lead with energy and focus. There is no point you putting together a show if you aren’t engaging all the elements to capitalise on this window of opportunity you have.

Here are my six golden rules on how to get a No.1 Top-Charting Podcast:

1. Get the name right. You want a name that will be clear to the listener what the content  is about and why they should listen. Communicate through the title that this podcast is for them. The name should excite or intrigue them and elicit an emotional response. Does the name of your podcast speak to your perfect listener, rather than being quirky and a little bit unusual?

2. Have a perfect show description. Your research and SEO insight work will feed into your podcast description. Descriptions are important for piquing interest from the right listener. They influence how your show is filtered into categories and picked up in searches, how your podcast appears in ListenNotes and which categories you show up in inside iTunes. The description is often the first thing a potential listener will browse through to see if your show appeals to them. Make sure your show will come up in appropriate searches by having the correct keywords in your podcast description. 

3. Create compelling artwork. A professional-looking appearance is fundamental. Looking as though you’ve knocked something together will do you no favours in winning listeners. Head over to iTunes to look at the current top-ranking shows in your podcast’s category. Judge the effectiveness of the imagery. Notice colours, artwork and fonts shared by the most popular shows. Is there a style preference for the genre? Do the highest-ranking shows disrupt that pattern?

4. Use meta tags. These are essentially small content descriptors that, when typed into google, will flag your podcast up. A simple way to increase your visibility! Keep them very specific to your episode as well as your business. 

5. Have enticing episode titles. Based off your title alone, do your listeners actually know why it is worth them listening? You want to bring in a new audience to get them excited and returning to your show. 

6. Look at the categories that are right for your show. Choose them correctly. You can choose up to two categories or subcategories that best reflect your content. Once you have narrowed this down, you can then watch your podcast (hopefully) move it’s way up the charts!

For your podcast to top the charts on Apple, Spotify or Stitcher, it needs to gain enough traffic. This is where your credibility is put to test, as people are only inclined to give positive reviews and share content they actually like. When they start talking about it, your podcast gets to trend as you climb your way to the top.

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