269 Top Tips for Batch Recording

Batch creation is particularly poignant at this time of year, when many people are going off on holiday. But this doesn’t just have to be for the summer. This is a great way to think about elevating your status, continuing visibility, and giving yourself room and space to have assets that are valuable for your business without you having to be present all of the time.
What You’ll Learn:
Why it is a good idea to batch create the assets for your podcast 
What you, as a creator, get as a result of bundling together your time
How batch creation improves your content
Why your tasks are getting done much quicker during batch creation

If you’re not batch creating yet, start doing that and putting it in your diary, so that is a firm commitment. Visibility is very important, but not at the expense of your health, and not at the expense of you feeling overwhelmed and pressured. 
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