265 Why You Won’t Become a Millionaire Overnight with Rochelle Dallas

My friend Rochelle Dallas, a business transformation coach, online business mentor and Managing Director of Course You Can, explains why you are not going to come into the online space and suddenly wake up as a millionaire. While it certainly is not impossible, it doesn’t happen without laying some strong business foundations first. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– Where the motivation to get your message out there comes from
– The little steps in between a freebie and a high ticket
– Having a self-study program is a great way of bottling up your knowledge and selling it
– The number one tip for clients’ onboarding process
– Why clients need to be able to independently move through their own transformation and build their own courses even if you are not near
– How we can package up our own personal knowledge that then has a wider impact  
There are massive opportunities now for semi-passive, recurring income if you create a course, but not all courses are done well. Make sure that ayour clients are informed and are looked after from the moment they onboard. Think about all the people that are missing the deep understanding and the deep development work that you can give them, and get all the elements in your business right.
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