250 250th Episode Reflections

I’m speaking from the heart today about what’s happened for me as a result of starting this podcast and the lessons that I’ve learned in the nearly five years that I’ve been in business. 
I’ve made it very clear through this podcast and through my books what I stand for. As a result of having a strong podcast, and having a strong personal brand, I’ve got a wealth of connection, recommendation, relationship, collaboration and friendship. But it has taken consistency, and a level of boldness and confidence about what I’m doing.  
The sooner you realise that everything you’re doing in business should be a test, a trial and a learning opportunity, the sooner you are going to be able to adjust, pivot, change and course correct.
I still stand by the fact that being seen and heard is the most critical thing you can do, in terms of your profits, of referrals and recommendations. But crucially underneath that, it’s about the level of impact you can have on other people. 
This show allows me to bring to you some of my knowledge, my learnings, my mindset issues, woes and challenges in a way that the other parts of my content don’t right now. It also allows me to bring amazing people to you to listen to, because nobody got there at the click of their fingers. 
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