247 Passive Income for Financial Independence with Cody Berman

Today we’re talking about passive income. Why is passive income important? It allows you to have financial independence, to change your life, to have security beyond the nine to five paycheck and the pension that you might be offered somewhere else.
I’m joined by Cody Berman, the host of the FI Show, who is very passionate about financial independence. Cody has a number of income streams that he wants to help you understand today, as a great and easy way to get started with passive income. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– The benefits of having passive income in your business for the rest of your life 
– What streams in business you should consider and which one to start with
– How much of the marketing for your business you have to do yourself
– Things to understand when you begin the journey into creating your product
– Which SEO tools you should use
Once you get passive income streams to exceed your monthly expenses, you have choice to no longer work at that point, which is a powerful concept. When you get the first taste of passive income and realise that you can disconnect your time from your money, it can be life changing and give you so much freedom in the rest of your life. 
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