241 Make Money While You Sleep with Lucy Griffiths

I am joined today by Lucy Griffiths to talk about how you can make money while you sleep. Lucy has just published her new book ‘Make Money While You Sleep’ and it’s doing incredibly well on Amazon and Audible charts.
There’s a simple premise behind this book – turning your expertise into an online course and then learning the strategy to sell it again and again. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– How important it is to be able to make money while you sleep, rest or recover
– How mini-course can be the driver of your business, not just a safety net
– Why you need to have a very strong funnel
– How having an online course can get your family life back
– Which platform is the right choice for you
There are many ways you can build and grow an online business and sell your expertise through courses. But you’ve got to go deep with your idea – nail it, create a mini-course and then decide where you want to build your audience.
– Lucy’s website: https://lucygriffiths.com/ (https://lucygriffiths.com/
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