239 It’s Not About the Money with Catherine Morgan

Today’s guest is Catherine Morgan, the only person that’s been on this show three times, who has an incredible knowledge on the subject of money, and has recently released her very first solo written book “It’s Not About the Money”. 
The beginning of the year is an opportunity to get very mindful about what you want to focus on in terms of your wealth and your money. So today I want extend the knowledge, depth and breadth of Catherine’s amazing work to my community.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– How the way we treat money is a mirror reflection of the way that we treat ourselves
– Why you need to get curious about what language you’re using when you talk about money
– How we can limit our capacity to receive money or to hold onto wealth
– Why we tend to shy away from investing 
– Different messages behind all the emotions that we connect to money 
– What changes happen when you decide you are going to change your relationship with money 
– Why looking at money through a trauma informed lens is important
– How our beliefs support or sabotage us 
– How to empower ourselves by giving money a purpose 
In order to improve your relationship with money, first you need to take a step back and rethink the way you treat yourself. Bring in some gentle curiosity and everything around you will become a lot clearer.
This is important to reflect on as an entrepreneur at any point of your business growth and your personal growth and development. 
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