237 A Process for Year End Review

Today I’m going to run through some of the questions I asked myself as part of my year end review. I am sharing them in a desire for you to be able to give yourself a reflection time, take this process and apply it to your own business. 
Year End Questions: 
– What you achieved and what didn’t happen?
– Which one word represents what you’ve just been through?
– Are you allowing yourself to celebrate or feel deserving of having a moment away to reflect on your business? 
– What were the biggest challenges that threw you off course this year? 
– What is it you need to forgive to yourself or other people? 
– Where did you grow in confidence, knowledge or in expertise?
– Where have you stagnated? 
– Who has supported you?
– Who has not supported you and what can you do about it?
– Who, that you’ve seen online or been surrounding yourself with, has inspired you?
– What has worked in your business? What has not worked? 
– What were your biggest lessons?
– How was your general wellness?
– What were the little things that you enjoyed most on a day to day basis?
We’ve got to acknowledge the lessons before we apply them. It’s important to look at the energy going on in your business and think about whether it is sustainable. I hope you’ll go through these questions, and take the time for yourself, because you are the driving force of your business. 
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