236 Copycats and Undercutting

Today I want to talk about copycats and undercutting. It’s something that I’m seeing more and more in the online space and it makes me deeply uncomfortable. These things have happened to me over the last few years, so I want to discuss what you can do about it. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– Why it’s important to gain evidence of someone copying your words
– How to make sure that you have your intellectual property sorted
– Accepting the responsibility to have legal agreements in place
– The line between teaching things you’ve gathered from other places and things you’ve harvested by your own knowledge 
– How to address with someone that what you’ve got is copyrighted and they are breaking the law
– How to respond to someone who goes low and behaves in a way that is demeaning and disrespectful
Remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Anyone who’s taking your content and reusing it in some way is lacking faith and confidence in themselves. I would encourage you to make sure that you choose to raise your game, find new playgrounds to play and leave the copycats behind. 
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