228 Handling a Challenging Client

The topic I want to explore with you today is how to deal emotionally, personally and professionally with a challenging client.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– Why feedback is incredibly useful, even if it is not given in the kindest manner
– How to discover the warning signs of a challenging client early on
– Is it you or your service the reason why the client is attacking?
– How to polish your contracts with clients based on your new experience 
– How to avoid attacking back and answer with removed emotion
– It is your responsibility to respond to unpleasant situations within your business 
There is always a lesson to learn when facing challenging and demanding clients. Step into your intuition and allow yourself to make difficult decisions as a leader in your business.
Before I sign off, I have two announcements to make.  I am launching an additional sister podcast very soon, called Podcasting for Entrepreneurs, where we look into how you can use audio to get more influence and drive profit. You’ll find it at the same place with this podcast, Entrepreneurs Get Visible.
We have also launched a new element in our business called Expert Audio Books where I work with authors who want to publish their book on Audible. To find out more, go to http://www.expertaudiobooks.com or send me a DM.