224 Become the Real You with Cheryl Lee and Donna Elliott

I am joined by mindset and leadership coaches Cheryl Lee and Donna Elliott once again on my show to talk about what it means to become the real you. Their work focuses a lot on imposter syndrome and discovering what you’re capable of. And their first book “Become The Real You” has just come out and became the real winner! 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– Why not knowing what you want in order to be happy is one of the biggest issues that we face as women 
– What imposter syndrome is and how to identify it
– How to overcome the shame connected to imposter syndrome 
– Why you attract people who are echoing what you think when you have low self-worth
– How to make sure that you follow your own path
At each stage of our business development and our life development, we need to go back and do the inner work. Because if we don’t, we’re sabotaging your own success and end up not being ourselves.
– “Become The Real You,” a book by Cheryl Lee and Donna Elliott https://www.nowisyourtimeto.com/book-launch 
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