215 The Insights Your Marketing Data Hides with Natasha Vorompiova

Today we are talking about the insight that your marketing data hides. Some of you might be wondering what marketing data means, which is exactly why I brought on my friend Natasha Vorompiova. She is absolutely the person who helps you rock those systems. She’s the founder of Systems Rock and helps entrepreneurs to measure the results of their marketing.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– What numbers we should pay attention to, to understand how our marketing works
– What easy mistakes people are making and are not aware of that would make a crucial difference
– The insights of what is hidden
– How easy it is to track and what numbers we should be watching for  
– What tools are there for data analytics
– The results when you get analytics right
– The best place to get started 
If some strategy already works for you, just stick with that. Keep the number of things that you’re doing in your marketing relatively small, because it’s very easy to fall into a trap of you have to be everywhere, and you have to be doing everything. You don’t necessarily need more people to come in, but the right people and the right people will become your best customers. 
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