214 When to Ditch an Idea

Today we talk about when you should ditch or pivot an idea in your business, whether that’s a product, a service, or an offer, and how you can do that so that it doesn’t feel really uncomfortable.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– How to decide if you can financially support making a shift in your business
– If you have two different directions you want to go in, how to choose between the two
– Ask yourself what you are NOT doing that’s causing you to feel resentful or angry¬†
– What would happen if you allowed yourself to build what you truly desire
– What results you can get if you’re known for just one thing
Many of us are entrepreneurs so that we can have freedom that allows us to grow, expand and evolve. If you have to evolve your products, services and your offerings, then own it. When you show up for yourself and powerfully say that this is the direction you’re going into, things will align easily and quickly for you.
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