212 How to Close More Sales Calls

Today I want to talk about sales calls. Are you closing on enough sales calls to make a difference to your business? If you don’t learn and refine this skill, you’re always going to feel as though you’re not getting ahead in your business. It all starts with understanding the mechanics of what takes a person to a point of sale.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– The difference between getting someone on a call on Zoom, versus getting someone on a phone call 
– Why you need to take control of the situation during the call
– Why it is important to write down the words that clients are actually using
– How to identify what a client’s problem is, and what level of support they need 
– How it impacts the client if you get scared when you have to say the price of your service
– How to deliver the price to your potential client
You need to get to the point of certainty and clarity before you get on the call, as well as all the way through the process, and then bring clients to that point where they are not only wanting to work with you, but they are eager to work with you. 
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