211 Beyond the Brand with J. Nichole Smith

Today we’re talking about how to turn your passion into a profitable brand. I’m joined by my friend J. Nicole Smith, an award-winning Brand Architect, Design and Colour Psychology Consultant.
Through her proprietary Whyfinding and Colour Brand methods, she helps businesses transform their profit and impact by prioritising purpose and rebranding using science.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– What it means to find your why and turn it into a profitable brand
– How powerful colour is and what it makes you experience on the subconscious level 
– Separating your personal preference from what the science says you’re going to achieve with a certain colour
– Why we need to master first impression, especially in your online appearance
– Where to start from with rebranding 
– Confidence as a side effect of building a brand instead of just a business
We need to make sure that our brand is aligned with what we are saying with our words, our mission and our products, services and prices; and we should be able to have an emotional core to our business and brand, and communicate that emotion effectively.
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