203 Just Get Started with Brian Ondrako

What did it take for you to decide to get started? Or are you still on the side of the fence, thinking “Shall I?” We’re diving into that topic today with the host of the Just Get Started Podcast, Brian Ondrako.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– Self-limiting beliefs you are subscribing to without realising it
– Be aware of the changes in relationships around you when you uplevel your life
– What stops you from acting when you have a creative impulse for an idea
– How to surround yourself with a good support system
– How to change your daily tasks and put the most important things first
– How much the fear of doing something new stops people from getting started
You can choose the path, but it’s your choice. As Rich Keller would say, “Who you are is what you should do, it shouldn’t be the other way around.”
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