202 Responsibility to Get Louder

On this podcast, I talk all the time about getting visible. This time there’s something even more important and pressing. It’s come to my awareness that now, when the world has started to open up, many people are struggling with their mental well being.
Anxiety, panic disorder, negativity, depression, weight gain, body confidence, all of that stuff is rising in our teenagers, and it has been compounded through lockdown. The other thing I see in my parents’ generation, is how scared the older members of the family are, how down and depressed they are, and still fearful about going out. It concerns me that this is now running through the whole of our society.
I coach people how and why to become more visible to improve their businesses, but behind that is my desire to help people learn how to think differently, learn to get support when they need it, and learn to find the people out there that can help them.
If you are at a stage where you know that you can help people with anxiety, mental health, well being, helping them have better routines in their lives, better thought cleanliness in the way that they are behaving and thinking, I urge you to find the ways to get louder. Think about this as your responsibility, as your way to give back, and have much more impact.
If you’ve been thinking about this, there are two ways that you can have tremendous success in terms of that impact quickly – by launching your own podcast, or by being a guest to get in front of other people to get that message heard. 
We do both of those in The Podcast Agency. I invite you to find out about our production and launch packages and our Podcast Booking Boutique at https://thepodcastagency.com/ (https://thepodcastagency.com/).