200 The 10 Secrets to Success

Welcome to episode #200 of Entrepreneurs Get Visible!
Two hundred episodes is something that I do want to celebrate, because I feel incredibly proud of what I’ve done with this show. But instead of doing something formal to mark the occasion, I’m just going to share with you my secrets to success. 
The 10 Secrets to Success: 
Get started!
Refine as you go.
Be fearlessly visible.
Outsource as soon as you can.
There is always something new to learn.
Create valuable content that lasts a long time.
Claim your territory.
Move to recurring income as soon as you can.
Strategic connections are vital to your growth.
Mindset issues are always going to crop up. 

You are good enough, and you can absolutely kick off and build the business that you want! But you’ve got to enjoy the journey, and there has to be a sense of mission and purpose around your work. 
And if you’re listening to this episode, post a screenshot and tag me on social and let’s celebrate together!
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