195 Why You Should Ditch the Launch with Rose Radford

Today, we talk about why you would want to consider ditching the launch. Why would you do that, when launching can work to get your product, your service, your package or your mastermind visible? I’m joined by Rose Radford, a global business strategist and coach, who helps women uplevel and sell high ticket. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– At what point and why someone decides to ditch their launch process
– How you approach, attract, get and retain clients when you skip the launch
– How to gain the courage to go high ticket if you’re finding it hard to sell something lower
– Coming to the decision that you’re going to up your prices
– Advantages of buying a high ticket
When it comes to selling high ticket, it does push you to be stronger in your articulation of the value that you deliver, being more clear, and more certain about the thing that you’re delivering. It’s also about the identity shift that has to happen within you as the entrepreneur, so that you feel aligned and with integrity. 
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