191 Being a Soulful Entrepreneur with Prema Gaia

Today we’re talking about a whole other part of visibility – what it means to be a soulful entrepreneur who is not afraid of shining their light. I’m joined by a wonderful new friend Prema Gaia, a visionary writer and artist, whom I met when I wanted to connect with other women who were in their own way wanting to create global and social change.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– How a significant trauma in your childhood can lead you onto a healing path 
– How to find the ability to describe your own sense of awakening
– Why it is important to come into the level of personal alignment before you can serve other people
– What soulful entrepreneurship means
– How to use the World Wide Web to leverage your message so it can serve, inspire and uplift more people
The more you can step into all that you are, and stop telling yourself you can’t and that you’re not enough, that’s when your shift massively happens, and that’s when the fun begins.
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