187 How to Grasp the Audience with John Livesay

Today we’re talking about why the ability to tell a great story is the secret sauce of your business success. My guest is John Livesay, the Pitch Whisperer and host of The Successful Pitch Podcast, and he shares with us insights and tips on how to grasp an audience so you can sell more effectively.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– What happens when a potential client hears a story
– Where early stage entrepreneurs are failing in telling their story
– How a podcast can enable you to tell your story and win the sale 
– The set of criteria for crafting your own story 
– The most common rookie mistakes with telling a story
– Simple steps for people to recognise if they have the right story
When you have the right story to share, the story about what you have empowered and enabled as a result of your product or your service, people will want to make time to talk with you.  
– Better Selling Through Storytelling https://www.amazon.com/Better-Selling-Through-Storytelling-Essential/dp/1642793728, a book by John Livesay, turned into an online course https://gofrominvisibletoirresistible.com/ (https://gofrominvisibletoirresistible.com/)
– The Successful Pitch Podcast https://johnlivesay.com/john-livesay-podcast/, hosted by John Livesay
– Free ebook on John’s top storytelling tips https://johnlivesay.com/
–  Get Visible: How to Have More Impact, Influence & Income https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/book/, a book by Anna Parker-Naples