183 Nicola Huelin: How to Work in FLOW

Today we’re talking about how you can get in flow to make things easier in your business, rather than just hustling and grinding. I’m joined by Nicola Huelin, the founder of Mpower. Nicola is a big believer that having flow in your business can serve you very well.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
– What it looks like to be in flow in your business
– The importance of the state of flow
– How to start the quest for building a successful and fulfilling business
– How connection to your bigger Why can get you through tough moments
– How to find and play to the set of our natural strengths
– How to organise your plans in these uncertain times
When we push and hustle for some linear results that we expect, we can lose sight of the opportunities around us. If we take time out just to be for a bit, we can realise an easier way. So choose the way to achieve goals in a way that you can enjoy the journey.
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