143 Dr. Joanna Martin: How to Prevent Burnout

Today I have Dr. Joanna Martin on the show and we talk about impact without burnout – how to build your brand, your credibility, and make a difference in the world, while still looking after yourself and not reaching total overwhelm.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
How to step into a leadership role despite having so much going on in your life
How to find a way of operating using your natural advantages and abilities
The importance of being able to move between different feminine archetypes
Operating from your intuitive wisdom
What happens if we’re not tending to our body’s needs

If you know that you’re supposed to have a bigger impact in the world, but it’s not happening because your push, maybe it’s time to be gentler with yourself and step back. When you step back, you are more likely to receive the insights about what you need to do and the strength to spring forward. 
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