141 Mayah Riaz: Social Media Kindness

Everyone interested in building a profile and standing out from the crowd has no doubt come across the fear of judgement in social media. My guest Mayah Riaz, a publicity coach and celebrity manager, has created a Social Media Kindness Day, hoping it will become a movement.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
How to make an online environment comfortable
What causes bullying and trolling in the online space 
How to interpret comments left for you on social media
Why you need to think twice before writing a comment on social media

It’s really important that we talk about the dark side of visibility. Words can affect your bottom line, your profit, the money you bring into your household, never mind how they make you feel as an individual on the receiving end.
So please go and support https://www.socialmediakindnessday.com/ (Social Media Kindness Day).
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