131 Haddy Folivi: How To Get Quality Media Features

Today I am joined by Haddy Folivi who has worked in the media for 20 years, and is the founder of Clarity Media, a global publicity company. We’re talking about PR and how you can position yourself really strongly using public relations.
What You Will Learn in This Episode:
What it means to secure a quality feature
Why it is important to strategise your media features
How you can increase your perceived value in media
How to start getting more features
What you can do if you don’t feel media ready
How to prepare for a challenging interview 
How to get more quality media leads if you are just starting out

Haddy leaves us with some really valuable tips on how to get quality media features, because if you’re going after these badges of credibility and authority, you need to make sure that they really count. 
https://www.claritymediacomms.com/, Haddy’s website
Haddy’s Twitter profile
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