129 Julie Colan: Breaking the Taboo

My guest today is Julie Colan, the founder of Secret Whispers, and she is breaking a taboo of pelvic floor issues with her products and business. We are discovering what it is that makes us really uncomfortable when we need to share a message that our ideal client actually needs to hear.
What You Will Learn in This Episode:
Why Kegels and pelvic floor are such a sensitive topic
What happens when you have the courage to break a taboo and get “the message” out there
Possibilities for developing a business from scratch by responding to a sensitive need of the market
The help you can find on your journey 
The biggest setbacks and biggest learnings that Julie took from her business

So if you or someone you know need to hear this message, go break a taboo and share it. 
Action Takers Mastermind: https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/mastermind/
Connect with Julie Colan: https://www.secretwhispers.co.uk/
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